Working with Your Commercial Cleaners for an Event

When your company is hosting a large event onsite, it’s important to make sure that your office looks its best. Whether you’re prepping for a quarterly board meeting or are hosting a major customer conference, the cleanliness and organization of your entire facility will be scrutinized. As a result, it’s helpful to communicate your schedule to your janitors and work with them to ensure that your event is a success. Here’s a closer look at how a commercial cleaning company can support your plans for your next big Utah event.Depositphotos_15757833_s-300x216

Major Cleaning Leading Up to the Event

Your janitorial service will have your company on a regular routine. But your day to day cleaning regimen may not be sufficient when you’re seeing a large influx of people. Additional services may be required, from steam cleaning your carpets to a thorough commercial-grade window cleaning. Work with your cleaning company to develop a schedule that gets your office into top shape before your event.

Plan Ahead for Larger Than Typical Needs

If you’re hosting an onsite event, you may require bulk orders of supplies that your cleaning company provides. Simple items such as hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper can quickly run out if they’re not ordered for the right number of people. Advise your cleaning company at least six weeks before a major event if possible to make sure you’ll have the right products on hand.

Providing Onsite Support

Do you need cleaning staff onsite to help you manage the flow of the day? If so, your cleaning company can provide event janitorial coverage. The janitor’s responsibilities might include periodic bathroom and dining area checks, emptying trash cans, and other duties to keep your logistics flowing smoothly throughout the day. Having cleaning staff on site can help simplify event set up and breakdown. It can also allow your administrative team and management to focus on other aspects of event delivery.

Support the Post-Event Cleanup

Your team is likely to be exhausted after a major event. Post-event cleanup and follow up can be outsourced in part to your cleaning company. From garbage removal to recycling materials left behind, a commercial cleaning company can work with you to ensure that your office or event site is restored to its original state as soon as the event is over.

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