Don’t Forget the Office When Spring Cleaning

Male Janitor Cleaning Computer In Office

Offices aren’t exempt from spring cleaning — they accumulate just as much dirt and grime as your own home, and sometimes more. If you have decluttered your office, tossing out all the unwanted paper from desks, the unclaimed hats and gloves from closets and the piles of takeout containers workers swore they were going to reuse, it’s time to get serious.

Routine Cleaning

If your office uses a cleaning company, they likely come through every night or once a week, emptying trash, vacuuming, mopping, dusting and cleaning bathrooms. It’s what you do at your own house, and it keeps everything looking nice. But at least once a year (twice is better), you need to tackle the big jobs.

Moving the desks and other furniture and ferreting out those dust bunnies is an integral part of spring cleaning. Getting into all the corners where dust and dirt can collect means extra effort, but it will be rewarded not only with a sense of accomplishment, but a clean, fresh scent in the air.

Crystal Clear

Another job you’ll want to tackle is cleaning blinds and windows. Likely your blinds are frequently dusted by your cleaning crew, but a more thorough job involving soap and water should be done on a semi-annual basis. Even if your blinds usually cover a large part of your windows, you still need to pull them up every so often and clean the glass, even if you don’t look through them on a daily basis. Dust can pile up behind blinds and sit there, quietly waiting for the first sunny day of spring when someone decides to pull up the blinds, at which point the dust begins to permeate the room in a mushroom-cloud fashion, creating a breathing and sneezing hazard.

Appliances and Electronics

Remember to clean out the refrigerator in the break room. Hopefully an employee has been designated to throw out uneaten food at the end of each week or month, but all the shelves and drawers still require a good scrubbing in hot, soapy water every so often. Do it now so you can have everything clean at once.

Even though your computers aren’t stacked in corners gathering dust, they can still benefit from a good spring cleaning. Keeping the screen fingerprint-free and the keyboard wiped of stickiness and germs is part of regular maintenance, but spring cleaning involves wiping behind the monitor, the computer itself and under all the wires emanating from its front and back. Don’t forget the compressed air for all the nooks and crannies. Do yourself a favor and turn your keyboard over first and give it a shake or two. You likely will get enough crumbs to make another sandwich. What didn’t come out can now be blown out with the can of air.

Avoid Hoarding Supplies

Lastly, go through filing cabinet and supply closets, ridding your space of unnecessary items that obscure the items you’re really looking for. Take an honest inventory of your supplies, and pledge to not order any more paperclips if you already have a few dozen boxes. It’s good to be prepared, but there’s no need to have a gross of anything.

Spring cleaning is a big job, there’s no getting around that fact. BearCom Building Services provides superior commercial cleaning for office buildings and facilities all over Northern and Central Utah. If you need a hand with your office spring cleaning, call them today.