The Janitor’s Guide to Cleaning Your Keyboard

cleaning the keyboard

Cleaning your keyboard should be a regular part of your company’s strategy to keep your facilities spotless. A recent study suggests that computer keyboards may be up to five times dirtier than toilet seats. For most office workers, that’s a sobering thought. Yet individuals touch any number of surfaces during the day, and then typically go back to their desks to work – sometimes without the opportunity to wash their hands. The results can be a very dirty keyboard. Here’s a closer look at how experienced janitors recommend fully cleaning and disinfecting your computer keyboard in three easy steps.

Remove the crumbs and debris

If you’re like many Americans, you’re often eating and working at the same time – whether it’s a working lunch or an afternoon pick me up snack. As a result, one of the first steps that you should take is getting rid of crumbs and debris that may have accumulated in your keyboard over time. If you’re using an external keyboard, shaking it out can be an efficient first step. For attached keyboards, consider using pressurized air cans designed for cleaning computers. These air cans help remove dust and debris, without damaging the keyboard or the delicate electronics underneath. A small, handheld vacuum is also an option.

Disinfect the surfaces

Another critical part of cleaning your keyboard is disinfecting it. Depending on your specific keyboard and what the owner’s manual suggests, it’s possible to accomplish this in a couple of ways. On a regular basis, consider using disinfectant wipes. When you’re dealing with sensitive equipment, use a disinfectant product that’s produced specifically for it. External keyboards are generally more flexible than computers in this regard. Make these products available to employees to help reduce illness and increase employee satisfaction.

Consider disassembling the keyboard

Whether it is oils that build up on the keys or crumbs that slide under them, disassembling your keyboard can be a helpful way to clean it. The keys are usually made to be easily removed and then put back into place. Taking apart your keyboard allows you to thoroughly clean it. Many people are surprised by the amount of grit and grime that this reveals underneath the keys. But it’s possible to get all parts of the keyboard to a higher level of cleanliness that when using any other method. Consider taking your keyboard apart for a complete cleaning quarterly, and use the other approaches described above as often as needed in between.

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