The 3 Advantages of Utah’s Top Office Carpet Cleaning Service

Office Hallway

Professional office carpet cleaning is quickly becoming a core janitorial service for many businesses, as wall-to-wall carpeting is a popular flooring choice in many offices. Carpeting gives commercial environments a warmer, more welcoming feel and allows interior designers to create a finished look. Commercial carpets are also easy to maintain and comfortable for employees or clients who are on their feet for long periods. But it’s fair to say that few janitorial companies in Utah understand how to clean carpets to have them look their best, while protecting the underlying carpet structure. Here’s what business owners need to know.

Proper wet-dry cycles are essential

One of the most common problems with inadequate carpet cleaning is that it leads to rugs being left damp for far too long. When carpets aren’t properly dried, mold and mildew can fester. Not only are these very damaging to your rug, but they can potentially impact the health and safety of your staff and customers. The best approach uses a low-moisture process that doesn’t soak the pad, but provides a deep clean and thorough rinse down to the bottom of the fibers. Carpeting dries quickly, ensuring that mold and related issues don’t develop.

Cleaning approaches should consider PH balance

Who would have guessed that carpet cleaning involves an element of chemistry? The way that quality commercial carpets are manufactured uses an acid dye resister. These resisters help to repel dirt and stains, allowing you to go longer between cleanings and making is easier to vacuum. When the chemicals used during cleanings are too alkaline, the dye resister breaks down and damages the carpet’s ability to naturally protect itself. Look for a company that uses a PH balanced solution that’s green and environmentally friendly to remove all stains and dirt without damaging anything during the process.

Preventing residue and allergens goes hand in hand

Dirt, pollen, and germs can get trapped in your office carpeting. Regular cleaning helps prevent these issues, keeping your office cleaner and improving your building’s interior air quality. A knowledgeable firm will use cleaning supplies and an approach that removes residues and everything imbedded in your carpet. As a result of this strong attention to detail, your carpet will look its best, have a maximum lifecycle looking great, and feel fresh and clean at all times.

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