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“BearCom is an incredible janitorial service. BearCom has some of the best rates out there. We constantly get calls from other vendors out there and over the past few years we haven’t seen a rate increase at all. I would recommend BearCom to anyone with an office or an operation that would like to have their place clean and know that a professional group is taking care of them.”

“Responsiveness. Dedication. If something needs to be done they’re there. Cost savings. I’m definitely saving more than I was before.”

“As a general manager the thing that impresses me the most is that I have confidence and trust that if I leave valuable items at the office at night they will still be there in the morning untouched.”

“They’re very friendly and responsive. When we call they have somebody out there right away. I’ve been very impressed with BearCom.”

“Bearcom is fantastic. I enjoy dealing with Joseph and Hugo. With BearCom we can always count on our lobby being clean. With our other cleaning crew they just didn’t take care of the property like we needed to. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“BearCom’s fantastic, I was most impressed with Bearcom and their on-hand managers. They’re local. I don’t have to call an 800 number to talk to somebody out of state. BearCom’s superior – I would refer him as #1 on the list.”

“BearCom’s awesome! Before BearCom, we were at a point where we were unhappy and we wanted to make a transition to what would work for our company. The customer service approach that they take, the service they provide, and the human connection of getting somebody to talk to every time there’s a problem impresses me the most.”

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“Working with BearCom has been a great experience. We get good value, we get quality work and we have accessibility to the staff when we need them. I would recommend BearCom to anyone that is looking for a quality company with great service.”