Make Your Office Washroom A Top Priority

Nothing leaves a worse impression than an unsanitary washroom. When it comes to your business, it is one of the most important rooms to keep clean. Maintaining a clean restroom helps put your customers and staff at ease and sets the tone for the rest of your operations.


Have a look at your restrooms and make an assessment. If you’re less than satisfied with their condition, start with these quick tips to help you improve their cleanliness.


  1. Keep a consistent cleaning schedule. Make sure that your cleaning service company is regularly cleaning the most touched surfaces including washing the toilets, wiping down counters and mopping floors every day.
  2. Keep supplies well stocked. Don’t wait until someone complains that there is no hand soap. Make sure part of your cleaning regimen includes stocking supplies daily.
  3. Perform regular deep cleans. Deep cleaning programs focus on areas prone to germs and dirt that build up over time. Ensure your cleaning team is focusing on grout lines and floor drains, walls and doors, ceilings, fans and vents, light fixtures, and descaling to remove calcium deposits from fixtures.
  4. Choose the right cleaning products. Using one multi-purpose cleaning solution may not be giving you the clean you need in a bathroom. Make sure you use high-quality products that are best suited for bathrooms.
  5. Make frequent repairs. A broken stall latch or toilet that won’t flush does not leave the best impression on employees, patrons or clients.


When it comes to keeping your business clean and sanitary, a commercial cleaning service like BearCom Building Services is your best investment.  For a free quote, call us today.