Keeping Your Office Clean in the Summer: Tips For Utah Business Owners

When many employees are out on summer vacation, and still others are heading off for a three-day weekend at local destinations like Lake Powell or Zion National Park, it can sometimes be hard to find the right people to keep your Utah office looking sparkling clean. With that in mind, here are a few tips for Utah business owners on how to keep your office clean during the hot summer days of July and August.


#1: Get rid of desk clutter

If employees are heading off on extended vacations, paperwork and other work may sit piled up on desks for days or weeks, awaiting their return. Thus, one easy way to keep an office clean is to ask all employees to clear off their desks before taking any vacation time during the summer. That way, when clients are passing through your office, they won’t see mounds of paperwork or other distractions.

#2: Clean break rooms and lunchrooms

If there’s one place of the office that is must in need of a thorough clean, it’s the break room and the lunchroom – food debris and takeout cartons can easily pile up, and food ordered from GrubHub or another online delivery service may languish in the office fridge for weeks. The same thing goes for the microwave or coffeemaker – it’s important that somebody is assigned the role of keeping these clean. Even better – split up the role and let staff member take turns for “kitchen duty.”

#3: Reorganize storage spaces

As a rule of thumb, if storage spaces are not cleaned out and reorganized regularly, they will start to become places where employees put just about anything. In a best-case scenario, it’s advisable to keep brooms, mops or other cleaning items in these spaces where they are easily accessible.

#4: Hire a commercial cleaning service

There are several big advantages to hiring a Utah commercial cleaning agency. One is that they will be able to clean all the hard-to-reach places your employees probably are not cleaning – such as tile and grout in the washroom, the walls, the floors, the drapes and blinds, and even the air ducts. Moreover, commercial cleaning services have access to green cleaning products that avoid the use of harsh chemicals and irritants. This is particularly important if some employees have allergies, or if they bring their small pets to the office occasionally.


#5: Don’t forget about the office furniture

A commercial cleaning agency can also get to the long-time dirt, dust and grime that may have accumulated for weeks, if not months. Often, this dirt can live in places – like office furniture in meeting rooms or conference rooms – that employees do not even think about cleaning. Upholstered furniture, for example, is one place where pathogens and allergens can thrive during the hot summer months.

Your employees at your Utah business can provide a first level of defense against dirt and grime, but if you are looking for a thorough office cleaning that keep your office looking great (and free of any odors or smells that might turn away potential clients), it’s best to hire a commercial cleaning service. When your employees return back from summer vacation – whether it’s boating on Lake Powell or just hanging out in Park City – they’ll be both surprised and delighted about working in an office that is suddenly sparkling clean.

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