Is Office Cleaning Affecting Your Sales and Employee Productivity?

Does your office need a professional cleaning? The level of cleanliness at your Utah office has a direct impact on both sales and employee productivity. In a recent study, 14% of consumers said that they would stop shopping at a business they felt was dirty, and 29% would minimize their time spent shopping there. Over 40% of customers were turned off by sub-par levels of office and facility cleanliness.

Meanwhile, a survey of office workers shared some startling facts regarding the relationship between employee happiness and workplace cleanliness:

– 69% of workers surveyed saw a relationship between cleanliness and morale;

– 64% believed that there was a connection between cleanliness and the number of sick days taken;

– 85% regularly think about the cleanliness of their office.

In other words, the two most important groups of people to your business – your customers and staff – are often thinking about whether your office is bearcom-building-services-commercial-cleaning-200x300spotless or dirty. Take a look around. Is the current state of your office saying that customers should trust you and employees should do their best work on your behalf, or is it sending a different message?

The Two Levels of Office Clean

If you’ve been relying on staff, freelance, or subpar cleaners to take care of your office, you may not be capturing the full benefits of a truly clean work environment. Employees asked to clean offices as just one responsibility often do the basics, but skip the important details that make a difference. Freelancers often lack the training and resources to do a world-class job.

A truly clean office needs attention at two levels of cleaning. The first is ensuring that major cleaning is done: vacuuming the rugs, polishing the floors, and disinfecting desks and other surfaces. You naturally expect these to be completed as part of the process. But the second component is less noticeable (for a bit), more subtle, and likely more important.

Did the last person to clean your office vacuum the edges of your rug? Bring an extra sparkle to the office with detail dusting? Stop and take the time to spot clean a wall that had a smudge on it? Probably not. But this is the attention to detail is what makes your office feel pristine. You can quickly transform a dull, drab facility into a place where your customers want to visit and your team enjoys spending time. That’s the value of working with a professional cleaning company.

Trust the Cleaning Professionals

Working with a professional cleaning company that specializes on commercial offices has numerous advantages. The first is their training and attention to detail. Every profession has its inside tricks and procedures to ensure that the end result is perfect. From how they approach a room to the details examined upon final inspection, a professional cleaning crew understands what makes a clean office environment.

Commercial janitorial firms also provide services that are difficult for entrepreneurs and small business owners, whose attention is on other things, to actively manage. Is your business committed to the environment, yet using less than green products? Are you conducting regular inspections of your facility to ensure that it’s at its best, 24/7? The right cleaning company will work with you to understand your goals for your building, facility, or office and provide the services needed to get you there.

If you’re a business owner or facility manager that needs an experienced, committed, and detail oriented cleaning company in Utah with fast turnaround and premium customer service, contact BearCom Cleaning Services at (801) 569-9500 today to arrange a personalized consultation.