How We’re Using Lean Six Sigma Cleaning to Optimize Salt Lake City Businesses

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you work hard to increase your efficiency, from better customer service to ensuring more sales on your website. Working with a janitorial services or commercial cleaning company that applies the same time-tested approach to their business – including Lean Six Sigma cleaning techniques and green cleaning – can improve your company’s results in numerous ways. Lean Six Sigma embraces process improvement methods that eliminate waste in terms of products, time, and anything else that stands in the way of maximum productivity. Here’s a closer look at how we put lean cleaning techniques to work for our clients in the Salt Lake Valley and how they can help you reach your business goals.

Reduce waste which saves you money

Our Lean Six Sigma approach to cleaning means that each customer receives a customized cleaning plan which is developed based on your organizational bearcom-building-services-janitorial-and-commercial-cleaning-300x226layout and individual needs. We evaluate your square footage, special cleaning needs, the number of staff and supplies it will take, and develop a plan that gets your job done quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. We eliminate waste in several ways – including staff time, cleaning supplies, and time spent on site. This means fewer interruptions for you, less money spent on cleaning services, and even less energy use over time.

High quality results, every time

Systematic cleaning means that your cleaning job is completed according to a customized plan and checklist. Our team then follows this cleaning plan, which helps produce great results every time we clean your office or facility. Checklists ensure that no item, whether a priority task or a single detail, gets overlooked. You can rest in the knowledge that your facilities will up to standard at all times. Any issue that does occur is easy to identify and easy to rectify with a single phone call or email.

Limit environmental impact

Many of our clients are concerned with their environmental impact. If your company has implemented energy saving measures or other factors to help lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint, we support this in numerous ways. Our lean cleaning plans take energy usage into account, and ensure that systematic cleaning throughout your facility limits our use of power to what’s absolutely necessary. Our teams use certified green products, which lowers the chemicals released into the environment providing a safer workspace for employees and customers. There are many related benefits, from improving your indoor air quality to lowering your chemical footprints.

If your company is committed to efficiency, you’ve probably looked at ways to improve productivity across your business. Cleaning solutions should be no exception. By partnering with a janitorial services provider in the Salt Lake City region that applies Lean Six Sigma cleaning techniques, you can eliminate waste, improve your results, and take a greener approach to cleaning your business. Contact us at BearCom Building Services today to learn how we can help keep your facilities and offices spotless.