How to Keep Your Office Clean During Snow Storms


Do you struggle to keep your office clean during snow storms? You’re not alone. Hiring the right commercial cleaners can help keep your office sparkling even during the most inclement weather. Janitors and office managers alike tend to cringe when bad weather is mentioned. Foot traffic drags in snow, water, dirt, mud, and chemicals such as salt and ice melt. Keeping your floors looking their best can be a major challenge. Here’s a closer look at some of the top tips from today’s commercial cleaning pros on keeping your floors perfect and your office looking its best during the winter’s most challenging storms.

Use floor mats

The right floor mats can capture the debris and dampness on people’s shoes before they cross over onto your floors and rugs. Most people have also been naturally trained to stamp or wipe their feet on a floor mat when one is available. Talk to your janitorial team to discuss which type might be right for your office and most effective for your specific needs. Don’t be afraid to put up a tasteful sign asking people to wipe their feet upon entering. Mats can then be vacuumed or shaken out each day as part of the cleaning process.

Protect your floors

The right commercial floor cleaning company will offer you solutions to help protect your floors. Commercial waxing of hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors makes them easier to clean and protects them from wear and tear or chemical damage. Similarly, taking care of your rugs with professional rug cleaning services ensures that your carpet’s inherent abilities to repel dirt and debris stay intact. When floors are improperly maintained, they’re easier to keep clean and less likely to show the effects of bad weather damage.

Update your cleaning schedule

If inclement weather is creating more regular cleaning needs in your facility, it may be time to revisit your cleaning schedule. For example, if your office or store is typically cleaned once a week it may be time to consider short visits on business days. The right commercial cleaning company will understand that different seasons may lead to scheduling adjustments. Discuss your options for emergency cleaning services, as well, in case specific inclement weather events create unexpected cleaning needs during the course of the winter.

Revise your facility cleaning checklist

Ideally, your professional cleaning firm will use a checklist to manage the detail cleaning and upkeep of your facility. Your checklist will determine what your janitor focuses on, what management keeps an eye on during facility inspections, and ultimately what you can expect to be completed during each visit. It’s not just the frequency of cleaning that may change during the winter. In some cases, you may need to change the focus of your cleaning crew, add new areas, or ask them to pay particular attention to certain parts of your building.

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