Fall Cleaning in Salt Lake City: Working With Your Cleaning Provider on Seasonal Cleaning

Cleaning up the driveway

Fall cleaning probably isn’t your top maintenance priority as the seasons shift. But you may not realize that seasonal cleaning is as important for businesses as whipping the heating system into shape. From major cleaning initiatives to a pre-cold and flu season supply stock up, here’s a closer look at some creative ways that the top Utah companies are getting help with their Fall cleaning needs.

Stocking up on supplies:

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. In some parts of the country, the sniffles are already settling in. Businesses that are vigilant about cleaning can help reduce instances of employee illness and make customers weary of getting sick feel at ease. Start by giving everything a thorough disinfection and setting up a regular cleaning schedule. Do you have antibacterial soap in bathrooms and kitchens? Are supplies such as antibacterial wipes readily available to wipe down eating surfaces and desks? Are hand-sanitizer dispensers placed at regular intervals in public areas? Ask your commercial cleaning company contact for additional recommendations on how to keep your staff and clients healthy during the colder months ahead.

Deep Cleaning

Have your windows been cleaned to remove all the pollen and dust that likely accumulated this summer, even on the most rigorous cleaning schedule? Is it time for a commercial floor cleaning or a deep commercial grade carpet cleaning? Even if you’re not regularly having your cleaning company handle these areas, investing in larger, annual cleaning jobs will ensure that your store or facility is sparkling as we head into the holiday shopping season that’s just getting underway.

Evaluating the Need for Green Products

With colder weather comes less ventilation. During the warmer weather, many businesses regularly have windows open or are able to air out offices during non-working hours. But soon our windows and doors will be sealed up for several months. Sensitive people may be more affected by chemicals used in cleaning products. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to use green cleaning products. Ask your janitor for more information on whether these products are right for you.

Snow Removal Planning

Do you have a plan in place for snow removal at your property this year? If not, it’s time to get one in place. While you might be thinking about working with separate snow removal companies, many business owners are surprised to learn that it’s possible to bundle this with your commercial cleaning services. Working with one company can reduce your costs while simplifying communication and administration needs.

Do you need help tackling big cleaning projects before the winter arrives in the greater Salt Lake City area? Contact us at BearCom Building Services today to learn more about our commercial cleaning services and to discuss how we can help you with your Fall cleaning needs.