Disinfecting Reduced Absenteeism by 50% in Ohio School Study

Have you ever wondered if disinfecting really made a difference? New studies now prove that correctly disinfecting surfaces increases worker productivity and decreases absenteeism.

One such study performed at an Ohio school shows us the difference proper disinfection can make. The study looked at the rates of gastroenterirtis and resperitory disease in an elementary school. The study compared classrooms which used disinfecting wipes at the end of the day on each desk and used alcohol gel sanitizer for hands. The study revealed that there was less incidence of gastroenteritis in intervention classrooms, fewer contaminated surfaces with norovirus, and lower concentrations of norovirus on those contaminated surfaces.

So the use of the disinfecting wipes reduced the detection of norovirus on surfaces in the classroom, and classrooms which did not use disinfecting wipes had a greater incidence of gastroenteritis. But the most significant discovery of this study was that absenteeism was reduced by 50% in classrooms using disinfecting wipes. What can we learn from this study? It really does matter if you properly disinfect. In fact, for businesses, properly disinfecting may make a big difference financially depending on the impact it may have on worker productivity and absenteeism. You need a company who understands the science of cleaning, and who knows how to properly disinfect your facility. BearCom knows how to clean for improved health and hygiene of our client’s facilities.

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