Clean Windows Make for a Professional Looking Office


’Tis the season for clean windows in the office. The sun is shining, the days are finally warm, and you want to be able to see the budding greenery of spring. Your windows take a beating in the winter as your protector from the harsh weather — snow, sleet, hail, rain and the wind that drives it all forcefully against the glass. Office windows are not like your windows at home that you can just tilt in and clean whenever you feel like it. You need a professional.

Ensure Safety

The first priority when cleaning windows is safety. Windows that are not on the ground floor frequently require special equipment to clean, including scaffolding. Workers should wear harnesses, and work should not be performed high up on windy days. Make sure the company you choose has good safety measures in place.

Inside and Out — or Just Out

Smaller office buildings of two or three stories can often be cleaned much more quickly and easily than larger ones. Less equipment is needed as well, so costs are usually lower. Some building facilities managers opt to hire a company to clean only the outsides of their windows, relying on their in-house janitorial company to do the insides. This is a good option for some, but others want the job done all at once so it’s easier to see the results of your investment.

Equipment Is Important

It’s important to use an experienced window-washing company that utilizes the best tools for the job. Someone’s unemployed relative with a long-handled squeegee and a bucket he just bought from Home Depot might give you a better price, but you’ll likely get what you pay for. Hard water stains can build up on windows’ exteriors, and if the right solvent is not used to dissolve these, your windows will still look dirty after the job is done. Likewise, many jobs require light scrubbing tools to remove bird droppings, tree sap and other tough-to-handle grime. Use a pad that’s too heavy duty, and your windows will be scratched forever. Use one that’s too light, and you’ll be left with gunk on your windows.

Attention to Detail

This is also a good time to clean all the tracks, sills and frames, where dirt and grime can build up. You don’t want sparkling clean windows with a lot of dirt in the tracks, so get everything done at once.

BearCom is the go-to commercial window cleaner in Northern and Central Utah. They specialize in window cleaning for manufacturing facilities and small and medium office buildings (up to three floors). If you want your office to have crystal-clear windows this spring, call in the professionals at BearCom.