Decluttering Your Facility for Spring

Messy Desk

Your commercial cleaning company is your best ally for spring cleaning. It may be hard to believe with most of the country under a blanket of snow, but spring is just a few weeks away. Soon, the snow will be melting, the temperatures will be rising, and it’ll be time to be thinking of a seasonal purge. This month, we’ll be focusing on different aspects of the seasonal cleaning process that your janitorial company can help with. But before diving into a deep cleaning to peel off a layer of germs from the winter or thinking about bigger maintenance projects, let’s address a tough one: clutter.

Every office gets cluttered

Even if your store, office, or facility is regularly cleaned and beautifully designed, it’s easy for clutter to accumulate. When staff becomes busy, it’s easy for papers, presentations, books, and other work related items to build up. At the same time, materials from trade shows, product samples, reference guides, and other company related items can take up valuable storage space. The first step in addressing clutter is admitting it’s a problem. Then it’s time to follow a three-pronged approach to solve the issue.

Get every employee involved

Each employee that has his or her own space – from a cubicle or office to a lab or work station within a store – should be included in the decluttering process. If possible, designate a set time where employees will be asked to go through their spaces and systematically declutter. Are there files that can be digitized? Outdated reference materials, binders, or other things that can be thrown away? Could a better storage systems for files and personal items be arranged? If it’s not possible to designate a specific day, then set a deadline by which everything must be completed. Your commercial cleaning company can support this process by being on hand to help with clutter removal, cleaning up afterwards, and arranging for larger recycling capacity if needed.

Tackle common areas

There are likely many common areas that need to be evaluated for clutter. Have products accumulated in the bathroom, kitchen, break area or other common spaces that need to be eliminated? If so, arrange for a time for your managers and administrative team to decide how to proceed. Your commercial cleaning firm can then help execute the plan, from recycling certain items that are no longer needed to reconfiguring your space for better storage and ease.

Strategize with your commercial cleaning firm

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s helpful to have a system in place to prevent the problems from occurring again. Talk with your janitor about establishing a regular trash and recycling schedule; implementing monthly decluttering days; determining how your daily cleaning schedule can help keep the tide of unwanted paper and tchotchkes at bay. An experienced commercial cleaning firm will have specific recommendations for you based on your space, your budget, and the extent of your clutter problem.

Do you need a partner to help with your seasonal cleaning and then handle your janitorial needs beyond? Contact BearCom Services today to arrange for a personalized consultation and to discuss how a commercial cleaning company can meet your needs.