Communicating with Your Commercial Cleaning Firm When You’re Unhappy

Upset woman having unpleasant conversation on a phone

You’ve hired a commercial cleaning firm to help you keep your facility in top shape. Yet, for a variety of reasons, you’re unhappy with the results. Whether the company is underperforming or you simply need to work on more clearly communicating your expectations, it’s important that you feel you’re getting a good return on investment for professional cleaning services. Having the right communications strategy to express your concerns is important. Here’s a closer look at three tips for communicating with your janitorial provider when you need better results.

Start by reviewing the cleaning plan

Review the company’s cleaning plan to make sure that your priorities and individual needs are reflected in the cleaning approach that’s being taken. If the cleaning company you’re working with didn’t develop a customized plan when they took you on as a client, that’s a red flag. Each facility and business has unique needs based on their type of business, traffic patterns, and the preferences on the owners or managers. The cleaning company is also better able to forecast supplies purchases, train their staff and perform quality assurance checks if they’re working from a pre-determined plan. When there is a plan in place, review it in detail and look for areas that you want taken care of that aren’t reflected or certain tasks that you want to have priority. The clearer your cleaning requirements are, the more successful a company can be in meeting your needs.

Communicate with the onsite team

When you notice something that’s not getting done as part of your commercial cleaning contract or there’s a gap between performance and expectations, mention it to your onsite cleaners. It could be as simple as pointing out that something is being overlooked or giving more detailed instructions about what you’re hoping for. By communicating with your onsite staff, you’ll have the opportunity to show them the problem and have it corrected immediately. However, in certain cases this won’t solve the issue or isn’t possible because your janitors work an overnight shift.

Always contact management or your account rep

If a problem occurs with cleaning your facility, a quick word to the janitor on site can often quickly get it addressed. But it’s also helpful from an oversight perspective to take a moment and let the company management know. For example, if something is overlooked it may not be on your client checklist which should be addressed and improve the chances that it won’t represent an ongoing problem. Consider sending a quick email to your account rep, or in the case of a more serious problem, getting on the phone. A conversation with management should always address the issue. If it doesn’t, it’s time to look for another commercial cleaning company.

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