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BearCom’s Job Cards Improve Cleaning & Consistency

BearCom’s Job Cards keep the cleaning schedule, client concerns, and cleaning tasks in front of each individual Cleaning Specialist throughout their entire shift. Job Cards help each Specialist know their responsibilities so they can provide you with the cleaning you expect.

In the case of absenteeism, job cards also help to get a new cleaning specialist up and running at a new facility because all of the specialist’s responsibilities are clearly spelled out for them to follow. BearCom’s Job Cards are yet another effective tool on our cleaning arsenal to provide our amazing clients with the most consistent and quality cleaning services they deserve and expect.

To receive a free estimate for providing you with these great benefits, call us at 801-569-9500 or follow this link and submit your request for a free estimate

BearCom Excels in One-Time Cleanings

Are you looking for professionals in the cleaning industry who know how to do any janitorial related cleaning? BearCom performs one-time cleanings like commercial floor cleaning, stripping and waxing, buffing, scrub and recoat, window cleaning, pressure washing, tile and grout cleaning, detail cleaning, etc. We guarantee your satisfaction. Our new, low-prices and excellent quality will make you look like a genius in front of your boss.

BearCom Building Services is one of the premier office building cleaning companies in the state of Utah and are committed to serving your business. To get a free estimate on the job you want done, give us a call at 801-569-9500 or contact us through the web

BearCom’s Specialist Approach Improves Cleaning Quality & Consistency

BearCom uses a specialist approach, which is an expanded version of “team cleaning”. The system develops cleaners who concentrate on doing a few tasks well. The term “expanded” is used because we have developed and implemented checking techniques in our system that assure restrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, trash is not missed, and vacuuming is thorough and regular. The end result is that our clients receive more consistent, high-quality cleaning services at their facilities.

Are you not a BearCom client? Start receiving these same benefits by calling us at 801-569-9500, or contact us through the web by filling out the form at this link We will prepare a free estimate for the commercial cleaning services of your facility, and we will show you why BearCom is the best janitorial company in Utah.

Our Clients Are Covered with BearCom’s Inusrance & Bond

For your protection, BearCom carries liability insurance, janitorial service bond and worker’s compensation. Certificates of Insurance are available to our clients at any time upon request. Our insurance meets or exceeds the industry standard to assure complete protection of our client’s and their facilities. BearCom carries $2,000,000+ General Liability Insurance, $50,000 Janitorial Service Bond, and $1,000,000 Worker’s Compensation. We can also meet higher requirements if required by our clients.

To receive a free estimate and for more information about these great benefits and others, call us at 801-569-9500 or follow this link and submit your request for a free estimate

Announcement: BearCom Now Offers Green Carpet Cleaning

We are excited to announce that BearCom now offers Green Carpet Cleaning as an addition to our business janitorial services. We have always had an excellent carpet cleaning system that has left the carpet clean, beautiful, and dry in minutes. Now, we have developed a carpet cleaning system that complies with Green Standards, while cleaning even better than before and it still dries in minutes.

In addition to offering green cleaning services, now you can receive our Green Carpet Cleaning for less than our regular carpet cleaning prices. To receive a free estimate, call BearCom Building Services, Inc., the best janitorial company in Utah, at 801-569-9500 or click on the following link

BearCom – Bearing Cleaning Services Since 1971

Dennis and Jill Jenkins started their first cleaning company in Billings, Montana in 1971. They decided to start cleaning buildings after being frustrated with the low quality of cleaning in their workplace. Since then, they have built their business by providing high quality cleaning services through honesty, integrity, ingenuity, hard working people, and sound business practices. Since 1971, Dennis and Jill, along with their son Joseph, have established successful commercial cleaning businesses in Billings Montana, Kansas City Missouri, and Salt Lake City Utah.

In 1994 we began janitorial services in Salt Lake City. BearCom currently has over 240 clients along the Wasatch front.  BearCom is committed in our goal to providing excellent office cleaning services to the Salt Lake City area. Our clients range from office buildings, government facilities, medical facilities, productions facilities, auto dealerships, and more. BearCom Buildings Services has enjoyed tremendous success.  The company has grown to become the 4th largest Commercial Cleaning Company in Utah.

The reason for our success is simple – professional service! We are committed to providing a level of service and professionalism that exceeds expectation. To discover how our years of experience and professionalism can help you with your cleaning needs, and to receive a free estimate on the cleaning of your facility, call us at 801-569-9500 or click on the following link

BearCom Offers a Wide Range of Commercial Cleaning Services

BearCom is one of the largest, locally-owned, commercial cleaning companies in Utah. We provide a wide range of cleaning services. Our most popular service is our regularly scheduled daily maintenance. With this service we address the daily cleaning needs of client’s facilities, like emptying trash, wiping surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, restroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, lunchroom cleaning, spot cleaning, etc.

We also provide floor maintenance services on vinyl floors for small to extra-large facilities; these services include, sweeping, mopping, buffing, burnishing, scrubbing, recoating, stripping, and waxing. We also provide services for ceramic tile floors like scrubbing and grout cleaning. And we can also maintain natural stone floors as well. Some additional services we provide include, carpet cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, day-porting, clean room and lab cleaning, wall washing, sanitizing/disinfecting, and green cleaning. We can even test bacteria levels for our clients to prove cleaning effectiveness.

Recently we have added snow removal to our list of additional services. So if you are looking for a company who can take care of ALL of your cleaning needs, give us a call at 801-569-9500 or click on the following link and we will provide you with a free estimate.

BearCom Contributes to Worldwide Literacy Efforts

One of BearCom’s founding owners, Jill Jenkins, has been actively working to improve literacy. As the Director of International Literacy for BearCom Building Services, Jill’s efforts have made a difference not only in the United States, but also in other countries and regions throughout the world.

Jill graduated in 2009 with her Ph.D. in Education, with emphasis in Literacy, from the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. Jill has been working to improve literacy as early as 1988 when she developed and managed an NGO, the Lawrence Latin American Refugee Committe, where she started teaching students English as a second language to refugees among many other services including finding homes, food and jobs for refugees. Since then, she has traveled the world, joined national and worldwide reading and literacy associations, authored books on literacy, conducted research in Africa on literacy, presented at literacy conferences, taught English as a second language courses, developed literacy programs to help teachers in third world countries improve literacy in their classrooms.

We commend Jill for her efforts, and she has fulfilled her responsibilities as Director of International Literacy well. BearCom will continue to support Jill as she continues to make a difference improving literacy throughout the world.

For a full list of Jill’s accomplishments, see the world document attached to this blog entry.

At BearCom, When Our Clients Speak We Listen, We Act, Then We Track

At BearCom, our Customers are our number one priority. We guarantee their complete and full satisfaction. So whenever we communicate with our clients, we listen. We want to know and understand our clients needs, desires and expectations. We have provided our clients with various ways of communicating with us. We regularly visit our clients to inspect their facilities as well as communicate with the client to find out how they feel about our services. Our clients can also call our main number 801-569-9500 and talk with one of our courteous representatives. We also check email constantly to respond to clients messages. CleanTelligent is another form of communication where our clients can go online and submit us a message. No matter which form of communication our clients use, we will act quickly to resolve any issue and to complete any request.

Any issues our clients may have are also tracked using CleanTelligent, similar to how we would track a deficiency found during an inspection. We then review and graphically analyze our performance regularly so that we my continually improve our level of service to all our clients. Since implementing CleanTelligent and using this system of communication, tracking and continually improving, we have improved our average inspection score by more than 5% points. Our current average inspection score is 98%. We have also improved our client retention by 300%, because we have measured our service, improved our service, and now our clients are happier than ever.

BearCom – Cleaning for Health and Hygiene

Cleaning for health and hygiene has been part of BearCom’s Mission Statement for years. How do we offer the highest quality janitorial services in Utah? We have designed our cleaning process, equipment, tools and chemicals to provide the most effective system for combating bacteria, viruses and mold in the workplace.

To receive a free estimate from BearCom, call 801-569-9500. For example, one component of our system is microfiber rags. Microfiber rags can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface without chemicals. We also use backpack vacuums with 4 stages of filtration. These vacuums remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and other contaminants. We also use hospital grade disinfectants throughout the facilities we clean.

A recent study at a school has shown that proper cleaning for health can reduce absenteeism by 50%, and similar studies at businesses show that proper cleaning for health can reduce absenteeism by 30% to 50%. To ensure that our cleaning methods really do kill and remove harmful contaminants, like bacteria, we also use a Luminometer to provide us with scientific data. The Luminometer measures bacteria and other harmful contaminants on a surface to help us understand just how clean or dirty a surface is.

To find out more about our Cleaning for Health and Hygiene services, and to receive a free estimate for our janitorial services call us at 801-569-9500 or fill out and submit the follow form