Can a Clean Office Reduce Employee Sick Time?

According to Forbes, the US Workforce taking sick leave, along with time off from worker’s compensation, costs the economy more than $576 billion dollars annually. While some of these days off are unavoidable, many are due to common colds and viruses that spread as a result of contaminated surfaces. The National Institutes for Health attributes 150 million missed workdays, or about 40% of sick time taken, to the common cold. Quality janitorial and office cleaning services can help reduce employee sick time and keep your team healthy and productive.

Ensure that the most infected places are on your office cleaning schedule: Studies have shown that the kitchen and bathroom include two hotspots for bearcom-building-services-janitorial-and-commercial-cleaning-300x200transmitting infections. Public and executive restrooms should be thoroughly cleaned regularly, with a focus on details such as door handles, sink faucets, and mirrors. Your kitchen should be routinely disinfected, including shared areas such as the microwave, refrigerator, and water dispenser.

Encourage employees to clean their desks: A 2011 study that appeared in the American Journal of Infection Control suggested that employees who ate at their desks had keyboards with higher than normal rates of bacterial infection. Whether your staff eats at their desks or not, desktop surfaces, keyboards, computers, phones, and mobile devices have been shown to be breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. They’re also frequently touched throughout the day. Keep the right supplies on hand for employees to regularly clean their electrical equipment, and include regular disinfecting of desks and other surfaces as part of your office cleaning schedule.

Keep the right supplies on hand: There are a number of things employers can do to make it easier to clean. Hiring a professional janitorial staff to handle regular cleaning duties is the most important steps you can take. But there are a number of supplies that your team can use to cut down on spreading germs. Ensure that your bathroom and kitchen sinks have anti-bacterial soap dispensers. Keep specialized products on hand, including air cleaners for keyboards and electronics-safe bacterial wipes, to clean screens and mobile phones. Position disinfectant wipes and Purell dispensers at strategic points throughout the office.

Implement the right HR policies: Encourage your staff to take preventative steps to keep the office healthy. Sponsoring a flu shot clinic, for example, can dramatically reduce major infections. Offer sick leave, and encourage personnel with contagious illnesses to work from home if possible.

Through the combined efforts of maintaining a clean office, offering the right antibacterial supplies, and implementing smart HR policies, BearCom Building Services’ clients around Utah are staying healthy and productive. Contact us today to discuss your janitorial needs and arrange for a personalized consultation.