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Clean Windows Make for a Professional Looking Office

’Tis the season for clean windows in the office. The sun is shining, the days are finally warm, and you want to be able to see the budding greenery of spring. Your windows take a beating in the winter as your protector from the harsh weather — snow, sleet, hail, rain and the wind that drives it all forcefully against the glass. Office windows are not like your windows at home that you can just tilt in and clean whenever you feel like it. You need a professional. Ensure Safety The

Don’t Forget the Office When Spring Cleaning

Offices aren't exempt from spring cleaning — they accumulate just as much dirt and grime as your own home, and sometimes more. If you have decluttered your office, tossing out all the unwanted paper from desks, the unclaimed hats and gloves from closets and the piles of takeout containers workers swore they were going to reuse, it’s time to get serious. Routine Cleaning If your office uses a cleaning company, they likely come through every night or once a week, emptying trash, vacu

Communicating with Your Commercial Cleaning Firm When You’re Unhappy

You’ve hired a commercial cleaning firm to help you keep your facility in top shape. Yet, for a variety of reasons, you’re unhappy with the results. Whether the company is underperforming or you simply need to work on more clearly communicating your expectations, it’s important that you feel you’re getting a good return on investment for professional cleaning services. Having the right communications strategy to express your concerns is important. Here’s a closer look at three tips

Decluttering Your Facility for Spring

Your commercial cleaning company is your best ally for spring cleaning. It may be hard to believe with most of the country under a blanket of snow, but spring is just a few weeks away. Soon, the snow will be melting, the temperatures will be rising, and it’ll be time to be thinking of a seasonal purge. This month, we’ll be focusing on different aspects of the seasonal cleaning process that your janitorial company can help with. But before diving into a deep cleaning to peel off a layer o