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3 Tips on Commercial Cleaning For Your 2015 Utah Event Planning

Do you have major event planning underway? If so, commercial cleaning should be a significant component of your plans. Now that the New Year has arrived, companies are planning a wide range of events from sales meetings to client and industry conferences. One area that’s frequently overlooked is how your commercial cleaning service can provide critical support before, during and after conferences. Here is a closer look at how to collaborate with your Utah janitorial services company to ens

5 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Office’s Appearance

Making affordable office appearance improvements can have a significant impact for your business. The way your space appears to customers can better (or hurt) your brand. Customers and employees will enjoy spending time there when the environment is welcoming and organized. There’s an improved overall vibe that encourages people to do business with you. But what steps can you take when you don’t have a big budget to complete replace all your furniture or paint and refurbish your whole fa

Why Your Commercial Cleaning Company Needs to Use a Checklist

Are you using a great commercial cleaning company? There are a number of ways to tell, from the quality of their day-to-day work to how they manage client communications. But understanding what systems that your janitorial service uses to map out your specific cleaning plan and provide quality assurance oversight over time can give you critical insights. Today’s top commercial cleaning companies use checklists to ensure that each job is completed to the client’s unique specifications. He

Call a Professional for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

May is a great time to have your commercial carpets cleaned. All those months of employees and customers coming in from the rain and snow, tracking mud, dirt and debris all over your carpets has taken its toll. Vacuuming can only do so much, and once sand and salt become embedded in the fibers, they break them down, leaving your carpets looking worn and threadbare. It’s time for some carpet Rx. Vacuum Diligently Vacuuming isn’t the only thing you should do for your rugs, but it mig

Clean Windows Make for a Professional Looking Office

’Tis the season for clean windows in the office. The sun is shining, the days are finally warm, and you want to be able to see the budding greenery of spring. Your windows take a beating in the winter as your protector from the harsh weather — snow, sleet, hail, rain and the wind that drives it all forcefully against the glass. Office windows are not like your windows at home that you can just tilt in and clean whenever you feel like it. You need a professional. Ensure Safety The