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The 3 Advantages of Utah’s Top Office Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional office carpet cleaning is quickly becoming a core janitorial service for many businesses, as wall-to-wall carpeting is a popular flooring choice in many offices. Carpeting gives commercial environments a warmer, more welcoming feel and allows interior designers to create a finished look. Commercial carpets are also easy to maintain and comfortable for employees or clients who are on their feet for long periods. But it’s fair to say that few janitorial companies in Utah underst

3 Tips for Working More Effectively with Night Cleaning Crews

Are you a Utah business that has hired a night cleaning crew to take care of your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs? When a cleaning crew is onsite after hours, it’s to ensure that your staff and clients aren’t disturbed by dusting, disinfecting, and vacuuming. But having janitorial staff onsite during off hours also runs the risk of employees being upset that cleaning wasn’t done to their satisfaction or that items on their desks were moved. Here is a list of best practices you

Your Holiday Office Cleaning Needs

Your holiday office cleaning needs are probably not top of mind as the winter holiday season approaches. But they should be! Depending on your business model, this is one of the busiest times of year. According the National Retail Federation, estimated sales activities for the next two months are a staggering $616.9 billion. From high customer foot traffic to seasonal celebrations, your business’ cleaning needs may change. Here are some recommended areas to bear in mind: Increased clean

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Commercial Detail Cleaning Needs?

Commercial detail cleaning can mean the difference between customers and staff loving your facility or secretly thinking it’s dirty. But what is detail cleaning and how can you identify your top priorities? Every business’ cleaning plan should include the fundamentals, from washing the floors and cleaning the rugs to disinfecting common areas and taking out the trash. But for many businesses, this level of attention isn’t enough to accomplish the sterile, sparkling, and professional en

How to Keep Your Office Clean During Snow Storms

Do you struggle to keep your office clean during snow storms? You’re not alone. Hiring the right commercial cleaners can help keep your office sparkling even during the most inclement weather. Janitors and office managers alike tend to cringe when bad weather is mentioned. Foot traffic drags in snow, water, dirt, mud, and chemicals such as salt and ice melt. Keeping your floors looking their best can be a major challenge. Here’s a closer look at some of the top tips from today’s commer