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Is Office Cleaning Affecting Your Sales and Employee Productivity?

Does your office need a professional cleaning? The level of cleanliness at your Utah office has a direct impact on both sales and employee productivity. In a recent study, 14% of consumers said that they would stop shopping at a business they felt was dirty, and 29% would minimize their time spent shopping there. Over 40% of customers were turned off by sub-par levels of office and facility cleanliness. Meanwhile, a survey of office workers shared some startling facts regarding the relationsh

How We’re Using Lean Six Sigma Cleaning to Optimize Salt Lake City Businesses

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you work hard to increase your efficiency, from better customer service to ensuring more sales on your website. Working with a janitorial services or commercial cleaning company that applies the same time-tested approach to their business – including Lean Six Sigma cleaning techniques and green cleaning – can improve your company’s results in numerous ways. Lean Six Sigma embraces process improvement methods that eliminate waste in terms of produc

Can a Clean Office Reduce Employee Sick Time?

According to Forbes, the US Workforce taking sick leave, along with time off from worker’s compensation, costs the economy more than $576 billion dollars annually. While some of these days off are unavoidable, many are due to common colds and viruses that spread as a result of contaminated surfaces. The National Institutes for Health attributes 150 million missed workdays, or about 40% of sick time taken, to the common cold. Quality janitorial and office cleaning services can help reduce emplo

Why You Need Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning

For retail establishments and offices, cleanliness is key. Eighty-six percent of respondents in one recent study indicated that a dirty floor contributed strongly to their perception of an office or store being “unclean.” Your floor’s condition contributes to how clean your office feels, how bright your space looks, and the level of overall professionalism that clients and customers feel upon entering your space. The right care can also extend the life of your flooring. Here’s a closer l

4 Tasks a Commercial Cleaning Firm Can Handle For Your Utah Company

Many business owners are surprised to learn that a commercial cleaning company handles a wide variety of maintenance and cleaning tasks. As a result, hiring the right company can save you significant amounts of money by allowing you to consolidate different vendors into one comprehensive relationship. It also simplifies the management process, and lets you delegate these tasks with confidence, knowing that a trusted provider is looking out for all of your needs. Here’s a closer look at tasks y