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Study Finds Elevator Buttons 40X Dirtier Than Toilet Seats

A new study peformed by Microban Europe found that bacteria levels on an elevator button were 40 times higher than those found on toilet seats. This kind of study shows the need for a professional cleaning services to disinfect frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis. BearCom Building Services, Inc. is one of the largest, locally-owned, full-service janitorial companies in Utah. Contact us at 801-569-9500 to receive a free, no-obligation cleaning evaluation and proposal for your facili

BearCom is Taking Hygiene Seriously

A lot of companies claim their chemicals or equipment are the best at killing bacteria, but which products or good are really the best. As the owner of one of the largest, locally--owned janitorial companies and Salt Lake City, and even Utah for that matter, I take this matter seriously. We want to offer only the best cleaning services to our customers. For this reason, a year ago we bought our very own luminometer. The luminometer measures the amounto of ATP or bacteria is on a surface. Sinc

How Do UV Light Wands Test?

I have known about UV Light Wands for a while now and have even heard the claims made about killing bacteria and other microorganisms. So, I bought a couple of the more popular and respected wands and put them to our tests. The first thing I noticed was the claims that were made on the packaging. The manufacturers claims that they can prove that the wands kill 99% of microorganisms with the wands. But then I also noticed the amount of time it takes to get the results they themselves claim.

3 is Magic Number to Kill Bacteria

In a recent study performed by the University of Alberta, they suggest that wiping a plastic surface 3 times will rid the surface of most bacteria (it doesn't even matter if a disinfectant or detergent is used). Sarah Forgie, a pediatric infectious disease specialist said, "It was the mechanical removal, not the actual act of the disinfectant that was key." The three strains of bacteria that were used for testing were methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Enter

Better Cleaning Through 5S & 6 Sigma

Many manufacturing and production companies have increased efficiency, quality, communication and profits by adopting and effectively implementing 5S and 6 Sigma. So, a few years back when BearCom Building Services was challenged by one of our clients to adopt the same 5S and 6 Sigma that the client was implementing, we saw the benefits and accepted the challenge. So effective was our implementation of 5S and 6 Sigma that the client gave BearCom special recognition for best implementation by a v