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BearCom Performs a Super Clean of 28,000 Square Feet of Clean Room Lab Space

BearCom recently completed a Super Clean for one of the largest medical manufacturers in Utah. The Super Clean was performed for a Clean Room that is 28,000 square feet. The Super Clean consisted of a general dust down of the entire area, followed by a cleaning of the entire area with a mild detergent, then followed by disinfecting all surfaces, then applying a sporacide of all surfaces. All-in-all, we cleaned the entire 28,000 square feet (ceiling, walls, doors, fixtures, floors, etc.) four dif

Study Finds 3 to 4 times More Bacteria at Women’s Workspace Then Men’s

In a study performed by the University of Arizona, 100 offices were tested around the country and the results were surprising. A woman's workplace (desks, phones, keyboards, computers, drawers and personal items) contained three to four times the levels of bacteria than a man's workplace, eventhough the woman's workplace looked cleaner. Contributing factors include cosmetics, lotions, makeup cases, purses, phones, desk drawers and munchies. BearCom can help kill workplace bacteria and provide

BearCom Expands into Logan, Price & St. George

BearCom is excited to announce that we are expanding our janitorial service operations into Logan, Price and St. George. We have now added new clients in those areas and we are looking to add more. BearCom Building Services, Inc. is one of the largest, locally-owned janitorial companies in Utah. We save our clients money while providing them with the cleaning services they expect and deserve. To find out more, or to receive your free, no-obligation quote for the cleaning of your facility, con

BearCom Offers Great Communication & Customer Service!

Are you having problems communicating with your current cleaning company? Do you write notes, leave messages, or send email without any response, only to be left wondering if your message was received or understood? BearCom's clients never have to ask these questions. With BearCom's CleanTelligent program, our clients submit us a message and we respond quickly (usually within 5 minutes) letting them know we received the message and that we are taking care of their request. CleanTelligent also

BearCom Prepares Clients for Flu Season

Flu Season is now upon us. Fears of getting sick already worrying many. Office Managers and Executives rightly worrying about how the flu season might impact productivity when their workers get ill. At BearCom, we have been preparing for flu season for the past few months. We disinfect commonly touched surfaces, and thoroughly disinfect the restrooms. We recommend clients post handwashing instructions throughout their offices, made available for download from the CDC's website. However, recen