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Q&A With BearCom’s President About Our Phenomenal Client Retention

A few months ago, BearCom's President, Joseph Jenkins, was asked to answer the following questions by an Editor from Contracting Profits magazine. BearCom's client retention increased by 300% since implementing CleanTelligent. From the answers to the questions provided below, Joseph was quoted multiple times in a recent Contracting Profits article, which you can read at this link Below

Quest for the Best Green Cleaning Products – New Green Grout Cleaner is Amazing!

Here at BearCom Building Services, the premier business cleaning services provider of Salt Lake City, we have been on a quest to find the BEST Green Cleaning Products available. In our quest, we have come across a new Green Grout Cleaner manufactured by CalChem. This grout cleaner is not only Green Seal Approved, but also has earned the EcoLogo green standard. Dirty grout is always a problem our clients face. No matter how good we sweep and mop a ceramic tile floor with grout, the grout will

Average Office Desk Has 400 Times More Bacteria Than Your Average Toilet Seat

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona was recently featured in an article for Food Safety News. In the article, Mr. Gerba said that research shows that the average office desks contains up to 400 times more bacteria per square centimeter than the average toilet seat. He also said that the germiest items in an office are the phone and desk, followed by the keyboard and mouse. He went on to explain that research shows that the best way to fight back and reduce the bacteria i

BearCom Performs a Super Clean of 28,000 Square Feet of Clean Room Lab Space

BearCom recently completed a Super Clean for one of the largest medical manufacturers in Utah. The Super Clean was performed for a Clean Room that is 28,000 square feet. The Super Clean consisted of a general dust down of the entire area, followed by a cleaning of the entire area with a mild detergent, then followed by disinfecting all surfaces, then applying a sporacide of all surfaces. All-in-all, we cleaned the entire 28,000 square feet (ceiling, walls, doors, fixtures, floors, etc.) four dif

Study Finds 3 to 4 times More Bacteria at Women’s Workspace Then Men’s

In a study performed by the University of Arizona, 100 offices were tested around the country and the results were surprising. A woman's workplace (desks, phones, keyboards, computers, drawers and personal items) contained three to four times the levels of bacteria than a man's workplace, eventhough the woman's workplace looked cleaner. Contributing factors include cosmetics, lotions, makeup cases, purses, phones, desk drawers and munchies. BearCom can help kill workplace bacteria and provide