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Announcement: BearCom Now Offers Green Carpet Cleaning

We are excited to announce that BearCom now offers Green Carpet Cleaning as an addition to our business janitorial services. We have always had an excellent carpet cleaning system that has left the carpet clean, beautiful, and dry in minutes. Now, we have developed a carpet cleaning system that complies with Green Standards, while cleaning even better than before and it still dries in minutes. In addition to offering green cleaning services, now you can receive our Green Carpet Cleaning for l

BearCom – Bearing Cleaning Services Since 1971

Dennis and Jill Jenkins started their first cleaning company in Billings, Montana in 1971. They decided to start cleaning buildings after being frustrated with the low quality of cleaning in their workplace. Since then, they have built their business by providing high quality cleaning services through honesty, integrity, ingenuity, hard working people, and sound business practices. Since 1971, Dennis and Jill, along with their son Joseph, have established successful commercial cleaning businesse

BearCom Offers a Wide Range of Commercial Cleaning Services

BearCom is one of the largest, locally-owned, commercial cleaning companies in Utah. We provide a wide range of cleaning services. Our most popular service is our regularly scheduled daily maintenance. With this service we address the daily cleaning needs of client's facilities, like emptying trash, wiping surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, restroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, lunchroom cleaning, spot cleaning, etc. We also provide floor maintenance services on vinyl floors for small to extra-lar

BearCom Contributes to Worldwide Literacy Efforts

One of BearCom's founding owners, Jill Jenkins, has been actively working to improve literacy. As the Director of International Literacy for BearCom Building Services, Jill's efforts have made a difference not only in the United States, but also in other countries and regions throughout the world. Jill graduated in 2009 with her Ph.D. in Education, with emphasis in Literacy, from the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. Jill has been working to improve

At BearCom, When Our Clients Speak We Listen, We Act, Then We Track

At BearCom, our Customers are our number one priority. We guarantee their complete and full satisfaction. So whenever we communicate with our clients, we listen. We want to know and understand our clients needs, desires and expectations. We have provided our clients with various ways of communicating with us. We regularly visit our clients to inspect their facilities as well as communicate with the client to find out how they feel about our services. Our clients can also call our main numb