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BearCom Offers Month-to-Month Janitorial Services Contract

BearCom offers our clients a month-to-month janitorial services contract. We can offer you this because we are very confident you are going to love our service and stay with us. Even though we have a month-to-month contract, our price is guaranteed for a year. We even have prices with customers that have stayed the same for the past 10 years! Why would you ever want to sign a year contract with one of our competitors, who make it very difficult to get out of the cleaning service contract eve

Green Cleaning Services is More Than Green Chemicals

Green cleaning services is an exciting and popular trend in the cleaning industry. Green cleaning has been extremely popular in the Eastern United States for some time now, with many cities and states adopting green cleaning standards and regulations. Like many trends that start in the east, it takes time for those trends to make their way out west. But make no mistake, green cleaning services is growing in popularity here in Utah. We have seen a considerable increase in the number of clients

BearCom Assures Consistent Quality Through Inspections

BearCom visits all of our intelligent clients on a regular basis to perform inspections of building janitorial services. These random, unannounced inspections provide us with the best view of our janitorial cleaning services on any given day. We do not use a generic inspection template. Our inspections are customized to your facility and your contracted services, assuring that we are fulfilling our contractual obligations. We use CleanTelligent, our online customer service program, to perform o

Six Benefits of BearCom’s Janitorial Services

We, directly and through our franchise owners, provide 6 benefits of janitorial services to our clients, namely: A Healthy Working Environment. Cleaning for health first has several benefits. First, as our workers clean, they are killing harmful bacteria that can infect them and others that come in contact with the bacteria. Secondly, it is bacteria that create foul odors if not treated properly. A Consistently Clean Office Appearance. Using the specialist approach, or “team cleaning

BearCom’s Job Cards Improve Cleaning & Consistency

BearCom's Job Cards keep the cleaning schedule, client concerns, and cleaning tasks in front of each individual Cleaning Specialist throughout their entire shift. Job Cards help each Specialist know their responsibilities so they can provide you with the cleaning you expect. In the case of absenteeism, job cards also help to get a new cleaning specialist up and running at a new facility because all of the specialist's responsibilities are clearly spelled out for them to follow. BearCom's Job