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Six Benefits of BearCom’s Janitorial Services

We, directly and through our franchise owners, provide 6 benefits of janitorial services to our clients, namely: A Healthy Working Environment. Cleaning for health first has several benefits. First, as our workers clean, they are killing harmful bacteria that can infect them and others that come in contact with the bacteria. Secondly, it is bacteria that create foul odors if not treated properly. A Consistently Clean Office¬†Appearance. Using the specialist approach, or ‚Äúteam cleaning‚

BearCom’s Job Cards Improve Cleaning & Consistency

BearCom's Job Cards keep the cleaning schedule, client concerns, and cleaning tasks in front of each individual Cleaning Specialist throughout their entire shift. Job Cards help each Specialist know their responsibilities so they can provide you with the cleaning you expect. In the case of absenteeism, job cards also help to get a new cleaning specialist up and running at a new facility because all of the specialist's responsibilities are clearly spelled out for them to follow. BearCom's Job

BearCom Excels in One-Time Cleanings

Are you looking for professionals in the cleaning industry who know how to do any janitorial related cleaning? BearCom performs one-time cleanings like commercial floor cleaning, stripping and waxing, buffing, scrub and recoat, window cleaning, pressure washing, tile and grout cleaning, detail cleaning, etc. We guarantee your satisfaction. Our new, low-prices and excellent quality will make you look like a genius in front of your boss. BearCom Building Services is one of the premier office bu

BearCom’s Specialist Approach Improves Cleaning Quality & Consistency

BearCom uses a specialist approach, which is an expanded version of "team cleaning". The system develops cleaners who concentrate on doing a few tasks well. The term "expanded" is used because we have developed and implemented checking techniques in our system that assure restrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, trash is not missed, and vacuuming is thorough and regular. The end result is that our clients receive more consistent, high-quality cleaning services at their facilities. Ar

Our Clients Are Covered with BearCom’s Inusrance & Bond

For your protection, BearCom carries liability insurance, janitorial service bond and worker's compensation. Certificates of Insurance are available to our clients at any time upon request. Our insurance meets or exceeds the industry standard to assure complete protection of our client's and their facilities. BearCom carries $2,000,000+ General Liability Insurance, $50,000 Janitorial Service Bond, and $1,000,000 Worker's Compensation. We can also meet higher requirements if required by our clien