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Sometimes a One-Time Cleaning Is All That’s Needed

It’s hard to commit. That’s why one-time cleaning is such a great option. Often consumers are leery of reaching out to exterminators, lawn services or janitorial companies because they believe they’ll be subjected to a hard sell to sign on to regular service — not an unfounded fear. But as much as you would like someone to clean for you and take care of your yard each week, that might not be in your budget. A one-time cleaning service from a first-rate Utah janitorial company is all

Medical Office Cleaning Services

Medical office cleaning and general office cleaning are very different.Medical offices aren’t just dusty and full of crumbs and coffee rings on desks — they are contaminated with contagious germs which, if not properly eradicated, can spread to other patients and staff. Do not trust the cleaning of your medical office to just any commercial cleaning company — confirm that the one you hire has experience and certification in medical facility cleaning. BearCom properly cleans medica

Day Porting Janitorial Services Keep Grime at Bay

Can your messes wait until the sun sets? If not, day porting janitorial services might be what your facility needs. Many offices and facilities employ janitorial services to come in at night and empty trash cans, vacuum, mop, dust and perhaps clean the kitchen. If you have a small, tidy office staff, this might work for you, but the more people, the bigger the messes, especially if you have customers in and out of your facility all day long. Where You Have Kids, You Have Messes One type of

Welcome to BearCom’s New Website & Blog

We are excited to announce the arrival of BearCom's new website and blog. We hope you will find the website more convenient, simple, and useful. We also hope you check out our blog on a regular basis where we will keep you updated on BearCom's services, news, special offers, cleaning tips, and other helpful information. If you are looking for janitorial services in the state of Utah, we encourage you to request a free estimate from us. We will show you why so many Utah businesses choose BearC

Save Money With BearCom

BearCom is the best value in Utah for cleaning, especially commercial floor cleaning. More than 75% of our clients (recently surveyed) say that they switched to us and have stayed with us because of our cleaning prices. Randy Abeyta, who is in charge of facilities at the Boys & Girls Club of South Valley (one of BearCom's clients) recently told us, "BearCom saves us $6,000 every year." So whether it's carpet, floor, day porting, or commercial window cleaning prices you are worried about,