BearCom Prepares Clients for Flu Season

Flu Season is now upon us. Fears of getting sick already worrying many. Office Managers and Executives rightly worrying about how the flu season might impact productivity when their workers get ill.

At BearCom, we have been preparing for flu season for the past few months. We disinfect commonly touched surfaces, and thoroughly disinfect the restrooms. We recommend clients post handwashing instructions throughout their offices, made available for download from the CDC’s website. However, recent studies show that hand washing is not enough. Desks, keyboards, mouse, telephones, and door knobs must also be disinfected regularly to truly make an impact to avoid getting sick. BearCom offers to provide this service, or clients can purchase (from BearCom or somewhere else) their own disinfecting wipes and maintain those surfaces themselves. If you take a little time now to prepare for the flu season, you could make a big difference in your workers productivity this flu season.

If you would like to learn more about how BearCom can help you prepare for the Flu Season, please contact us at 801-569-9500 or send an email to