BearCom Performs a Super Clean of 28,000 Square Feet of Clean Room Lab Space

BearCom recently completed a Super Clean for one of the largest medical manufacturers in Utah. The Super Clean was performed for a Clean Room that is 28,000 square feet. The Super Clean consisted of a general dust down of the entire area, followed by a cleaning of the entire area with a mild detergent, then followed by disinfecting all surfaces, then applying a sporacide of all surfaces. All-in-all, we cleaned the entire 28,000 square feet (ceiling, walls, doors, fixtures, floors, etc.) four different times within 3 days.

After completing the job, tests were performed by the client to make sure the area passed Clean Room standards – and the 28,000 square foot Clean Room passed beautifully. Performing specialized services like a Super Clean is just one of the benefits BearCom has to offer our clients. BearCom Building Services is one of the largest, full-service, locally-owned, janitorial service companies in the state of Utah. We can handle any size job or service, and do it for the best possible price.

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