BearCom Offers a Wide Range of Commercial Cleaning Services

BearCom is one of the largest, locally-owned, commercial cleaning companies in Utah. We provide a wide range of cleaning services. Our most popular service is our regularly scheduled daily maintenance. With this service we address the daily cleaning needs of client’s facilities, like emptying trash, wiping surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, restroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, lunchroom cleaning, spot cleaning, etc.

We also provide floor maintenance services on vinyl floors for small to extra-large facilities; these services include, sweeping, mopping, buffing, burnishing, scrubbing, recoating, stripping, and waxing. We also provide services for ceramic tile floors like scrubbing and grout cleaning. And we can also maintain natural stone floors as well. Some additional services we provide include, carpet cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, day-porting, clean room and lab cleaning, wall washing, sanitizing/disinfecting, and green cleaning. We can even test bacteria levels for our clients to prove cleaning effectiveness.

Recently we have added snow removal to our list of additional services. So if you are looking for a company who can take care of ALL of your cleaning needs, give us a call at 801-569-9500 or click on the following link and we will provide you with a free estimate.