BearCom is Taking Hygiene Seriously

A lot of companies claim their chemicals or equipment are the best at killing bacteria, but which products or good are really the best. As the owner of one of the largest, locally–owned janitorial companies and Salt Lake City, and even Utah for that matter, I take this matter seriously. We want to offer only the best cleaning services to our customers. For this reason, a year ago we bought our very own luminometer.

The luminometer measures the amounto of ATP or bacteria is on a surface. Since then we have tested many different disinfectants and products claiming to be the best at killing bacteria. For example, recently we tested and compared UV Light Wands to our green, all-purpose cleaner. We found out that our green, all-purpose cleaner cleaned four times faster with much better results than the UV Light Wands. Upon discovering which chemicals and products perform the best we incorporate those into our cleaning services with our clients. By constantly looking for, and testing the products on the market, we are able to always offer our clients the best and most hygienic chemicals and products on the market. This is just another way BearCom goes the extra mile to take care of our customers.

To find out more about how you can start receiving great cleaning through BearCom, contact us at 801-569-9500.