BearCom Contributes to Worldwide Literacy Efforts

One of BearCom’s founding owners, Jill Jenkins, has been actively working to improve literacy. As the Director of International Literacy for BearCom Building Services, Jill’s efforts have made a difference not only in the United States, but also in other countries and regions throughout the world.

Jill graduated in 2009 with her Ph.D. in Education, with emphasis in Literacy, from the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. Jill has been working to improve literacy as early as 1988 when she developed and managed an NGO, the Lawrence Latin American Refugee Committe, where she started teaching students English as a second language to refugees among many other services including finding homes, food and jobs for refugees. Since then, she has traveled the world, joined national and worldwide reading and literacy associations, authored books on literacy, conducted research in Africa on literacy, presented at literacy conferences, taught English as a second language courses, developed literacy programs to help teachers in third world countries improve literacy in their classrooms.

We commend Jill for her efforts, and she has fulfilled her responsibilities as Director of International Literacy well. BearCom will continue to support Jill as she continues to make a difference improving literacy throughout the world.

For a full list of Jill’s accomplishments, see the world document attached to this blog entry.