BearCom – Cleaning for Health and Hygiene

Cleaning for health and hygiene has been part of BearCom’s Mission Statement for years. How do we offer the highest quality janitorial services in Utah? We have designed our cleaning process, equipment, tools and chemicals to provide the most effective system for combating bacteria, viruses and mold in the workplace.

To receive a free estimate from BearCom, call 801-569-9500. For example, one component of our system is microfiber rags. Microfiber rags can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface without chemicals. We also use backpack vacuums with 4 stages of filtration. These vacuums remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and other contaminants. We also use hospital grade disinfectants throughout the facilities we clean.

A recent study at a school has shown that proper cleaning for health can reduce absenteeism by 50%, and similar studies at businesses show that proper cleaning for health can reduce absenteeism by 30% to 50%. To ensure that our cleaning methods really do kill and remove harmful contaminants, like bacteria, we also use a Luminometer to provide us with scientific data. The Luminometer measures bacteria and other harmful contaminants on a surface to help us understand just how clean or dirty a surface is.

To find out more about our Cleaning for Health and Hygiene services, and to receive a free estimate for our janitorial services call us at 801-569-9500 or fill out and submit the follow form