BearCom – Bearing Cleaning Services Since 1971

Dennis and Jill Jenkins started their first cleaning company in Billings, Montana in 1971. They decided to start cleaning buildings after being frustrated with the low quality of cleaning in their workplace. Since then, they have built their business by providing high quality cleaning services through honesty, integrity, ingenuity, hard working people, and sound business practices. Since 1971, Dennis and Jill, along with their son Joseph, have established successful commercial cleaning businesses in Billings Montana, Kansas City Missouri, and Salt Lake City Utah.

In 1994 we began janitorial services in Salt Lake City. BearCom currently has over 240 clients along the Wasatch front.  BearCom is committed in our goal to providing excellent office cleaning services to the Salt Lake City area. Our clients range from office buildings, government facilities, medical facilities, productions facilities, auto dealerships, and more. BearCom Buildings Services has enjoyed tremendous success.  The company has grown to become the 4th largest Commercial Cleaning Company in Utah.

The reason for our success is simple – professional service! We are committed to providing a level of service and professionalism that exceeds expectation. To discover how our years of experience and professionalism can help you with your cleaning needs, and to receive a free estimate on the cleaning of your facility, call us at 801-569-9500 or click on the following link