BearCom Assures Consistent Quality Through Inspections

BearCom visits all of our intelligent clients on a regular basis to perform inspections of building janitorial services. These random, unannounced inspections provide us with the best view of our janitorial cleaning services on any given day. We do not use a generic inspection template. Our inspections are customized to your facility and your contracted services, assuring that we are fulfilling our contractual obligations. We use CleanTelligent, our online customer service program, to perform our inspections.

Once an inspection is complete our amazing clients are immediately notified by email that the inspection was completed and links are provided to see the results. On a regular basis, we use the inspection results to graphically analyze our performance and to discover how we can better serve our great clients. Bearcom’s building janitorial services are committed to serving our clients with the highest quality of service as possible and these inspections are vital in helping us do so.  As an intelligent consumer, I encourage you to find out more about our commercial cleaning services and to get a free estimate by calling us at 801-569-9500, or by clicking on our Free Estimate link here