Average Office Desk Has 400 Times More Bacteria Than Your Average Toilet Seat

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona was recently featured in an article for Food Safety News. In the article, Mr. Gerba said that research shows that the average office desks contains up to 400 times more bacteria per square centimeter than the average toilet seat. He also said that the germiest items in an office are the phone and desk, followed by the keyboard and mouse. He went on to explain that research shows that the best way to fight back and reduce the bacteria in the office is to disinfect using disinfecting wipes on a regular basis. Studies show that using disinfecting wipes daily can reduce absenteeism in the office due to illness by 30%, and in schools by 50%.

At BearCom Building Services, Inc., we have known about these statistics for a very long time; even conducting bacteria testing ourselves. We have taken steps to address this REAL concern with our clients. Some of the steps include selling disinfectant wipes to clients who want to disinfect their own workspace, and also switching our all-purpose cleaner for a disinfectant cleaner so that we are always disinfecting the surfaces we clean. We also offer additional services like disinfecting phones, keyboards, mouse, door knobs, etc. We even offer an application that when applied to a surface kills germs for up to a week so that disinfecting is not necessary every day.

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