5 Advantages to Hiring Building Cleaning Services

Are you considering hiring building cleaning services? If so, then you’re on the right track: cleaning services offer a host of advantages, some of which might not be immediately obvious. 

Check out these five benefits of hiring professionals to clean your premises and see how much of a difference it could make in your place of work. 


You Lower The Risk Of Injury For Your Employees

Cleaning is not a risk-free activity. It involves using heavy equipment, slippery floors and potentially harmful chemicals. Doing all your cleaning in-house is probably not a good idea from an employee liability perspective. The last thing you want is to lose an employee to injury and then face compensation claims at a tribunal. You’d prefer it if somebody else bore that risk. 

Professional cleaning companies have insurance which covers the risk to workers and provide regular training to ensure that everyone on their payroll remains safe and injury-free while on the job. Your business, therefore, can transfer the risk of cleaning to a third-party and avoid all of the costs involved in performing cleaning tasks in-house. 


You Create Better Relationships With Your Employees

When you advertised for roles at your firm, your job descriptions probably didn’t include cleaning urinals or emptying bins. You hired your workers for their professional skills, such as their ability to create a balance sheet or write software code. At no point did your workers think that they’d be performing cleaning tasks around the office. 

While it might seem like a good idea to employ existing workers to perform cleaning tasks, it’s not. First, it’s a misuse of your worker’s time. Your people trained to become good at particular jobs and, unless you run a cleaning firm, that isn’t cleaning. It’s much better to pay your workers a salary to do what they’re good at – not building cleaning tasks. 

Second, workers pick a role believing that they will be working one something creative, but you have them unclogging toilets, it’s likely to affect their morale. You want your workers to be happy so that they can be as productive as possible. You don’t want to drag them down by forcing them to do things that they’re neither paid nor trained to do. 


You Make Your Office A Healthier Environment

The statistics on workplace cleanliness are shocking. The average office desk, for instance, contains more than 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. The reason for this has to do with the fact that office worker’s hands come into contact with all kinds of surfaces and bacteria as they interact with the world throughout the day. A significant chunk of workers (around 37 per cent), eat food at their desks, leading to crumbs and all sorts of other detritus for bacteria to eat. 

Not all these bacteria are harmless: some can lead to sickness and absenteeism. Professional cleaning of your building reduces the average office worker’s exposure to bacteria, lowering their chances of an infection. 


You Lower Your Administrative Costs

Organizing cleaning in-house can be a challenge. Not only do you have to divert workers from their primary tasks, but you also have to come up with some kind of rota. Your HR department will be working overtime, just to sort it out. 

Professional building cleaning services, however, take over that administrative burden for you. They organize a cleaning service around your schedule and needs, cutting your admin costs substantially. Your team can focus on high-value tasks, such as recruiting new talented people, rather than worrying about who is cleaning the toilets on Thursday. 


You Make Your People More Productive

Ensuring that your workers remain focused on their jobs is one way to make your people more productive. But when it comes to cleaning, that’s not the whole story. Building cleaning services makes your employees more productive through a variety of indirect channels, some of which we’ve touched on already. 

Besides better morale and less risk of sickness, how does cleaning help make your people more productive? Evidence suggests that a clutter-free and clean environment may improve the quality of work that people do, and even increase their effort on the job. Researchers from Harvard and other academic institutions have found evidence that people put more effort into solving problems when their environment is tidy. Office workers themselves also report that they feel more productive when their desks are free from clutter. Cleanliness, therefore, may also improve feelings of personal efficacy and slash the risk of burnout.  


Contact BearCom to learn more.



Professional Office Cleaning is Worth the Investment

If you run a small business (or even if you manage a big one), you might still believe that in- house office cleaning is a good idea. After all, you’re saving money, right? 

Delve a little deeper into the subject, and you soon realize that it’s not quite as simple as that. While there is an upfront cost for getting your office professionally cleaned, there are many side benefits too, some of which can really make a difference. 


Studies Suggests That A Clean And Tidy Workspace Boosts Task Completion

Evidence from Harvard University suggests that a tidy workspace might help workers with that they call “persistence” or their willingness to get jobs done. Researchers compared  puzzle completion rates of those with clean workspaces to those that were cluttered with all sorts of junk and mess. What they found was interesting: those with a cluttered desk gave up trying to complete the puzzle in just eleven minutes. By comparison, people with a clean and tidy desk continued for eighteen minutes before giving up. 

Eleven minutes and eighteen minutes might not sound like much of a difference. But remember, we’re talking about a fifty percent improvement in persistence here just from a little cleaning. That’s quite a substantial difference you wouldn’t expect ahead of time. 


Clean Offices May Boost Productivity

The wealth of our companies and society as a whole all comes down to productivity. The more than each person can create or produce in a given time period, the better. Typically, economists saw the addition of capital items (like printers) as the way to boost economic output. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that the limitation to our productivity is our own minds. Many companies now sell the products of human thought. 

Getting the most thought out of workers is difficult, especially when their office environments are dirty. 

Professionally cleaned offices, however, are likely to lead to a raft of benefits. 

  • Better focus. Clutter distracts people’s attention. Our brains seem to be hard-wired to become distracted when there’s a mess in a room, and it can take us away from the task at hand. Professional cleaning regularly reduces mess and clutter, leading to better focus.
  • Lower stress. Workplace stress and burnout is a serious issue for many employers. A large proportion of workers report that they are chronically stressed, with many taking time off work to recover (not to go on vacation). Clean offices help to reduce stress by enabling the brain to focus solely on the task at hand. 
  • Higher morale. Do you wish there was something that you could do about morale in your offices? One of the most potent interventions is a clean and tidy office. Workers feel more in control of their environment and are less likely to depressed about their careers. 
  • Lower rates of absenteeism. If your company has a problem with absenteeism, then a clean office might help. Lost working days are a significant drag on the productivity of the entire economy, costing firms billions every year in costs and lost revenue. Professionally cleaned offices, however, reduce the chances that a person falls sick because of nasty bacteria lurking on their desk. 


A Clean Office May Improve Worker Health

Right now, you are probably investing a considerable amount in the health of your workers. Not only might you pay for health insurance, but you could run a variety of wellness programs too or offer free gym membership to staff. None of this is cheap. 

Office cleaning, however, provides you with another way to boost the healthfulness of your employees, or at least protect them from bacteria and diseases. 

The statistics on office cleanliness are shocking. Did you know that there are 20,000 germs per square inch on office keyboards and mice? It’s true. The average workstation also has more than 400 times more bacteria lurking than your average toilet seat. 

Also from the Harvard article above, the average office worker loses nine days per year to preventable illnesses, many of which are caused by bacteria in the office. Remember that viruses such as flu can survive on office keyboards for up to 24 hours, making transmission from worker to worker easy. 

Clean offices, however, get around this problem. By cleaning desks and sanitizing workstations, you can improve worker health and hygiene and reduce lost revenues. 


So, as you can see, there are all kinds of ways that cleaning is worth the investment. You might pay a fee upfront, but you’re highly likely to make all that money back and then some from savings and productivity improvements elsewhere. 



Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning Services – Why Hire the Best

For most business owners, cleaning is low down on their list of priorities. But you’d be surprised just how much of a difference a professional floor cleaning service can make. 

As somebody responsible for managing the finances of your company, it can be tempting to look for the cheapest possible option and make do with that. But as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The most affordable cleaning service might not be the best. 

Professional commercial floor cleaning services can bring all kinds of benefits for your business. You’ll only enjoy them, however, if you hire a quality firm. Budget cleaning services are unlikely to provide all of the features that you’d like and could actually damage your business long-term. 

Here’s why we think you’re better off hiring the best. 

Better Professional Equipment

Ideally, when you hire a floor cleaning service, you want people who can do the job effectively. You don’t want to pay out a large sum of money, only to find cleaners cleaning your floors to a reduced standard. 

Cleaning services that charge higher fees usually do so for a reason: so that you can get access to the best floor cleaning equipment. Not all the tools cleaners use are created equal, and some of them can actually be an inconvenience to your customers and staff. The great thing about high-quality companies is that they use highly-capable cleaning equipment with minimal impact on your daily business operations.


More Highly Trained Staff And Better Insurance

The general perception of cleaning is that it’s something that practically anybody can do. It’s “unskilled labor.” 

This notion, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Training is essential for cleaners, especially in commercial settings. Different flooring materials require different cleaning methods and specialized techniques. 

Cheaper companies may not provide an adequate level of training for cleaning operatives, putting the investment you’ve made in your flooring at risk. Worse still, budget service may only provide the basics, without considering how to maintain the quality of your floors over the long term. 

Insurance could be an issue too. Cleaners need comprehensive cover to clean floors at your premises with minimal risk. Cheaper providers might skimp on coverage, putting people in your organization at risk. It’s best not to take the chance. 


More Convenient Schedules

Hiring cleaners to perform cleaning services out-of-hours is essential for your business. It ensures that cleaning operations do not interrupt or distract your workers.

The downside, of course, is that it costs more. Most cleaning operatives would prefer not to have to work between 9 pm and 6 am and so cleaning companies must pay them more to offer their services during those hours. As the client, you inevitably end up paying more to cover additional wage costs. 

The benefit, though, if that you avoid the inconvenience and hassle of having cleaners dragging vacuums around during the day. Floor cleaning is something that should happen once workes have gone home, and your office is empty. The last thing you want is for your employees to make mistakes in their work because they are distracted. 


Better Understanding Of Cleaning Issues

High-quality, high-value commercial floor cleaners understand the various issues which could be affecting the flooring on your premises. 

Suppose, for instance, that you want to clean the carpets in your offices professionally. A budget company might arrive with a set of steam cleaners, ready to do the job, but they may leave flooring damp. High-quality professional floor cleaners know that if you do not dry the carpet afterward, it can lead to mold. 

High-quality floor cleaners also understand that it’s not wise to use certain cleaning agents on wood or stone floors. Particular chemicals can adversely react, ruining its appearance, and compromising your investment. The same applies to specific cleaning instruments: stiff bristles might not be appropriate. 


Better Able To Remove Stubborn Stains

The higher the quality of the cleaning outfit, the better the ability of the company to remove tough stains. 

Top-notch professional cleaning services offer a plethora of cleaning options and solutions that can help remove even the nastiest of stains. 

Higher quality cleaning services will also consult with you about options for when they cannot remove a mark. This level of consultation provides you with choices, allowing you to plot a course for what to do next without feeling as if you’re in the dark. 


Fully Managed Service (Cutting Your Administration Costs)

One of the big draws of professional commercial cleaning services is that they take over the management of cleaning services. You don’t have to deal with the administrative backlog in-house.

The problem with cheap services, however, is that their management tends to be poor. You may believe that they are able to adjust and adapt to the changing needs of your enterprise, but often, they can’t.

Premium cleaning services, however, often have dedicated managers and support reps you can speak with whenever you need. You can get in touch with somebody immediately and have them sort your problem out over the telephone. 


Greater Flexibility

Not only do premium cleaning services offer a wide range of floor cleaning options, but also greater flexibility too. 

Let’s say, for instance, that you currently hire cleaners to come to your office early mornings, between 4 am, and 6 am. So far, so good. But suppose that you’re planning an office party on a Thursday lunchtime and need to have the place tidied up for a client arriving later in the day. 

Budget cleaning services might not be able to adjust to your request at short notice, but premium services will. With greater flexibility, you’re free to use your commercial space as you please, without having to consider whether your cleaning partner can support you. 


Why Hire The Best?

The reasons for hiring the best professional floor cleaners are many. But the key take-away from this article is that you often can’t get quality cleaning services budget. As with anything else, you get what you pay for. 

Janitors washing window in office

5 Ways Commercial Window Washing Improves Your Business

Have you noticed that your business’s windows are looking a bit grimy lately?

Are you concerned that the dirt and dark marks on your window panes may actually be driving customers away?

Can’t remember the last time you had your office’s or retail shop’s windows cleaned professionally?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then now is the time to give commercial window washing a try. But what are the benefits of working with a commercial window washing company — and is it really worth the investment?

Read on to find out.

1. Clean Windows Make a Good Impression on Consumers

Be honest with yourself: when you drive by a business with cracked or dirty windows, an unkempt storefront, and chipped exterior paint, you likely don’t think much of the company or the products/services inside of the building.

You also assume that the people who work there don’t take pride in what they do and that they probably offer low-quality work or goods.

You don’t want people to think that about your office, but the truth is that appearances do matter.

Hire the right services to keep your commercial building windows clean and shiny.

2. It Improves Air Quality

Commercial window washing also helps to improve your building’s overall air quality.

Nitric acid exposure from pollutants like cars, power plants, and more can lead to an increase in allergies, respiratory problems, and other health issues that can seriously decrease productivity in your office and makes it much less likely for customers to feel comfortable in your office or shop.

3. It Makes Windows Last Longer

That dirt and grime that ruins your indoor air quality?

It also decreases the lifespan of your windows when the sun interacts with nitric acid, it can wear down your windowpanes quickly, leading to rust, glass corrosion, and even cracks.

Stop discoloration and fast deterioration with regular cleanings.

4. It Improves Energy Efficiency

Clean windows help to promote overall energy efficiency in your office — which means lower bills for you.

Professionals can look for cracks, broken seals, and other issues that can cause mold and make your HVAC unit work much harder to maintain a consistent temperature.

Plus, clean windows let more sunlight into your office, which is proven to increase employee productivity.

5. It Saves You Time

With everything else you have to do in a day, you just don’t have time — let alone the qualifications — to wash your commercial building windows on your own.

Don’t put your safety at risk, and don’t waste time every few months by tracking down a new window washing company. Instead, schedule regular window washing services throughout the year, so that you don’t even have to think about it.

Need to Connect with an Experienced Commercial Window Washing Company?

Don’t put off booking a commercial window washing service or put your safety at risk by attempting to handle things on your own.

Instead, connect with our incredible team at BearCom to get the job done right by qualified professionals. We offer 24/7 customer service, are bonded and insured, conduct background checks on our employees, and have a rigorous quality control program in place.

Whether you need window cleaning, carpet/floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, or even cleaning services for your medical or industrial building, reach out to us today to get a free quote.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
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Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: 101

Your office carpets represent a significant investment. Extending their life through regular cleaning and maintenance makes for a healthier bottom line…and a healthier office!

When looking for a good commercial carpet cleaning service, pay attention to the following;

  • Do they use the right PH?
  • Is the carpet wet soaked after it is cleaned?
  • Is there residue left on your carpet?

Commercial carpet cleaning companies that use high pH alkaline products to clean can remove the Acid Dye Resistors in your carpet. When the carpet is acidic it repels dirt, because dirt is also acidic. Alkaline cleaning products break down and remove Acid Dye Resistors in your carpet, and the cleaning product remains in your carpet as residue. This residue will attract and hold onto dirt causing the carpet to resoil (get dirty) at a much faster rate.

BearCom’s scientific approach using chemistry and common sense ensures long lasting, beautiful carpets. Here is our process:

  • Deep Cleaning. We clean all the way down to the bottom of the fiber.
  • Low Moisture. We clean so that moisture does not penetrate to the subflooring/padding under your carpet.
  • Thorough Rinse. We rinse your carpet fibers, top to bottom, to ensure all reside is removed.

Additional Advantages

  • Cleans and Disinfects
  • Removes Allergens
  • Dries Quickly
  • Removes Tough Stains
  • Extremely Affordable

Client Benefits

  • Enjoy where you work more
  • Improve your health and your environment
  • Impress your clients and your boss
  • Save money

What is the science behind our commercial carpet cleaning method?

We clean and rinse with a Green, environmentally safe, acidic product that reduces any alkalinity (residue) in your carpet and leaves your carpet at a slightly acidic level. This helps to maintain the Acid Dye Resistors in your carpet fiber so they can work and repel the dirt on your carpet. This also makes it easier to vacuum the dirt off your carpet and to keep your carpet clean longer.

As Utah’s best green carpet cleaning company, BearCom invites you to give our office cleaning services a try. Request a free commercial carpet cleaning quote or call us at (801) 590-7392.


Spring Commercial Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Especially For Your Office

Spring Cleaning For Your Office

The winter months are drawing to an end. Soon enough, spring will be here and it’s time to get your office space ready. After a long hard winter, you will want to do a couple of things to get your office space freshened up and in good shape for the warmer months ahead. Not to mention, you and your employees will no doubt want to be in a fresh space and take advantage if the energy that the beginning of a new season provides.


Here is our a list of our top tips on how to get your office space spring ready!


1. Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpets take a beating over the winter. As the primary sources for cleaning off winter boots from salt, snow, and sleet, your office carpets are probably in poor shape. Talk to your cleaning service about booking an extra deep cleaning to get them looking good as new.

2. Schedule A Window Cleaning

Nothing looks worse than a building full of dirty windows. Winter weather and early rains will leave your windows looking foggy. Not the best look to inspire motivation among your employees. Having clean and clear windows will bring in more of that springtime sunshine too! Make sure you hire a good window cleaning company and see your windows sparkle in the sunlight!

3. Make Minor Repairs

After the snow and drab weather has subsided, you might see that your office space has some more wear and tear such as a loose hinge or chips in the wall. Springtime provides the perfect opportunity to make a list of all minor repairs and get a handyman in to set them straight.

4. Get A Fresh Coat Of Paint

A fresh coat of paint somewhere always results in the ultimate feeling of renewal. Pick at least one area each year to paint in the spring. It can be something small like a stair rail or a door but even the smallest paint jobs it will make a big impact.

5. Bring Some New Greenery In

Another quick and easy way to bring in the fresh energy that comes with a spring clean is to decorate with some new indoor plants. The fresh pop of color will help you and your employees remember the greenery of the summer that will soon be on its way. They also help clear the air, a win, win! Easy to care plants such as succulents, aloe vera, and snake plants are very easy to keep and provide a  modern look.

6. Schedule An Extra Cleaning Service

Give your commercial cleaning service a call for an extra deep clean this month. Your office needs it! They will help scrub the previous year and winter away from your office so you and your employees can work in a fresh and newly energized environment.


We hope you liked these tips! For more tips on keeping your office space looking it’s best, contact BearCome Cleaning Service today or visit us on Facebook.

fight cold season with commercial cleaning

Fight Cold Season With A Clean Office

The Height of Cold & Flu Season

According to the CDC, most flu activity peaks between December and February, although activity can last as late as May. Now that we are in the middle of Cold season,  it is more important to keep a clean office than ever. According to Web MD, each year, between 5% and 20% of Americans get the flu and miss 70 million work days as a result. Often times, that cold or flu is passed on at work.


Colds Reduce Productivity In The Office

Cold season is hard on employees but even harder on business owners. When a cold or flu starts going around the office, employee productivity will start to go down. For many businesses, this is a busy time, with year ends approaching and seasonal holiday services at their full steam, a decrease in productivity at this time would have a negative impact.  Having some good practices that can help reduce the spread of colds and flu this year is something that all business owners should look into.

Here are a few simple tips to avoid the spread of colds in your office this year:

  1.  Get Ahead with a Team Meeting:  Reminding employees about how they can reduce the spread of germs is the first place to start. Frequent and regular handwashing will be the first line of defense at the workplace. Put up signs in the washrooms and break areas and remind employees where they can find hand sanitizer.  Handing out flyers and reminding employees frequently to wash their hands and sanitize their workstations will help. For some interesting facts about the common cold, to include in a flyer, check out this link.
  2. Increase Your Office Cleanings: Cold and flu viruses are not only passed along from one person to another but from surface to surface. Shared workspaces and equipment will be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. By increasing your commercial cleaning services, you will reduce the spread of germs in the office. Need a cleaning crew that can get the job done on time? Try BearCom’s Industrial Cleaning Services.
  3. Get a Deep Clean: Having a few extra deep cleans will allow your commercial cleaning service to tackle germs in more places than they can normally get to and cut down the lifetime of bacteria from multiplying. The common cold can live on surfaces for up to 48 hrs. This allows for employees to be exposed for up to two days, having a cleaning service that eliminates that possibility will reduce the number of colds caught in the workplace. Over the winter months putting the emphasis on sanitizing and not just tidying for your cleaning service.

Get A Commercial Cleaning Company With Experience To Clean Your Office Throughly

Thankfully, increasing your commercial cleanings is a simple process, a quick call to your cleaning company is all that is needed.  For more information on how you can sanitize your workspace this winter contact BearCom services.

Male Janitor Cleaning Computer In Office

What Is The Right Amount Of Commercial Cleaning For Your Office?

How often should your company office be cleaned professionally?

Keeping a clean office is good for your employees’ productivity, looks great to your clients and is a good practice for your company overall.  How often it should be cleaned is a good question, especially if you are thinking about bringing on a commercial cleaning service.

Our experts have put together 3 main factors that will determine how often your company office should be cleaned.


  1. The Size Of Your Building

The bigger the building the more frequent the cleanings should be and vice-versa. The square footage of your company building will be the biggest impact on cleaning frequency and is the first thing to mention when contacting a cleaning service for a quote. With a large building, since there will be more surface area to cover, it would likely need a cleaning schedule that occurs more than one time a week in order to ensure the entire building is serviced.  The team of cleaners will also more than likely be bigger.

  1. The Nature of Your Business or Service

Some businesses or services create more mess than others. A law firm versus a children’s school, for example, would need less cleaning. The children’s school would need a daily custodial service to ensure it is in a sanitary condition by the next morning where as the law firm might need a bi-weekly or weekly service depending on the size.  Also, businesses that require highly sanitized conditions, like a food production company, where cross-contamination can result in serious consequences for consumers, would need to have the highest frequency of cleaning services.


  1. Employee Traffic and Use

Do your employees use the break room or their desks for lunch or do they leave the building? Are the hours longer where employees may also eat their dinner in their office and are clients entertained with food at your office space? The use of food services in an office area will result in the need for more frequent cleaning as spills, crumbs and sticky fingers will all result in a grimy workspace much faster not to mention, the growth bacteria from food sources will also be higher.

In addition to food, if you have a lot of employees that results in high foot traffic, like some manufacturing companies, then the need for cleaning may be greater. High foot traffic will bring in outside contamination, dust, dirt, mud, and allergens will be much common if there is a higher volume of people coming and going.


These three factors should be taken into account before contacting a cleaning service. Once the size and use of your building are established,  the team of professionals will have a better understanding of your office space and will be able to suggest a schedule that fits your needs. How often your building should be cleaned will be based on the experience of the cleaning service and the needs of your business.

For more information contact BearCom services today and let us help you with your cleaning schedule.

Flexible Commercial Cleaning

Choose A Commercial Cleaner That Can Be Flexible

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cleaning services

Did you know that you don’t need to have a contract to enjoy the benefits of a professional cleaning service? It’s true. Not everyone offers it, but BearCom Commercial Cleaning Services does. We know that one size does not fit all, and sometimes you just want a little help but want to be flexible and not locked into a contract. A one-time cleaning service from a first-rate Utah janitorial company is perfect for this.


Wondering if you need a one-time cleaning? Consider these cleaning situations;


Spring Cleaning

A big spring clean in the perfect time to take advantage of a one time cleaning from a professional cleaning service. Your office staff may be really good at cleaning up after themselves, throwing away their own trash, washing out the microwave and coffee pot themselves, but after a long winter a deep clean is often that is above your employees daily cleaning duties.


Deep Cleans

Similarly, even with a good staff that cleans up after themselves, all your nooks and crannies are still going to need cleaning from time to time. Employees may be responsible for cleaning their own keyboards and computer screens and keeping dust and crumbs to a minimum at their desks or cubicles, but a thorough wipe-down and a vacuuming in all the corners is necessary every so often to keep contaminants and the health hazards they can impose to a minimum.


Big Jobs

If you already have a cleaning crew, you’re a step ahead of the game. Normally when a business has its own cleaning crew, it uses them for any special big cleaning jobs that need doing. But many offices don’t use a crew or established business, they instead opt for one or two people they know and trust to do the job. This can work out well for all parties, but when you need a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning, your floors stripped and waxed, your carpets cleaned, your windows washed, or a host of other potentially big jobs, you need a crew with professional experience — and insurance. Cleaning personnel can’t do much harm dusting, emptying trash cans and loading the dishwasher, but some jobs have more potential for liability. If carpets or floors are damaged, you could be looking at a big expense if you have hired an uninsured individual to do the work. Hire a commercial floor cleaning company to do the work.


Cleaning for Company

Every so often, the big boss comes into town to see how the little folks are doing. This is the time you want everything to look nice. But you and your employees don’t have time to do the work yourselves — after all, you’re working! And corporate headquarters expects profits, so using your employees’ valuable time to get those stains out of the sink with a green scrubby might not be the best managerial choice to make. When you need to impress a visitor, get a one-time cleaning.

BearCom of Salt Lake City provides thorough commercial cleaning services on a one-time or ongoing basis. If you need a one-time helping hand getting your office sparkling clean and in tip-top shape, call BearCom Services. your trusted Utah janitorial company.

Renegotiations Your Commercial Cleaning Contract

Tips For Renegotiating Your Cleaning Service Contract

Even if your commercial cleaning service is doing a good job, periodic evaluation and renegotiation of your cleaning services contract is the best way to ensure that you are getting great value for your business. When you set up your commercial cleaning services contract, you may have committed for a set period of time, such as one or two years. In the cleaning industry, technology and best practices can change with time, so you want to make sure that you are receiving the best techniques for cleaning to meet the health and safety demands of modern business.

Commercial Cleaning Business Checklist

Your evaluation should center around the answers to some important questions in several areas:

  • Performance. Does the commercial cleaning company come when scheduled, with the proper number of people to do the job?
  • Satisfaction. Are the areas contracted for clean and tidy? Are there areas where performance falls below your expectations?
  • Green cleaning techniques. Does the company incorporate green cleaning techniques that use the least hazardous and safest cleaning products? Do they have systems in place to not cross contaminate areas they clean?
  • Accountability. Does the company have quality systems in place to verify that scheduled work is performed to spec and that employees are doing their jobs?
  • Service. If you have a complaint or concern, how does the company respond? If you need emergency service, are they available?
  • Customer service. Are you able to reach customer service personnel any time through a variety of media (phone, email, online chat) and receive a prompt, helpful response?
  • Meet your needs. If your business has expanded or has acquired new equipment since you signed your contract, your needs for service frequency or specialized cleaning may have escalated.
  • Need for other services. Many versatile commercial cleaning companies can provide services for both the inside and outside of your building. Do you need other services, such as window cleaning, parking lot cleaning, and steam cleaning of carpets included in your contract?
  • Price. Do you get the value you expected for the price you pay?

Renegotiating Price With Commercial Cleaning Companies

When you think about renegotiating a commercial cleaning services contract, you may be hopeful of getting a reduced price. However, it’s important to remember that companies set rates based on their cost of doing business plus some reasonable profit. Labor costs continue to rise, not only for wages, but for training, benefits, and supplies. Therefore, receiving a lower price for services you have been receiving usually means the company will cut back in some service areas, or you may decide to accept fewer cleaning days or reduce the tasks on the list to keep your budget intact.

Are you Receiving the Value You Expect?

In reevaluating your commercial cleaning service, the question to ask yourself is whether you got the value you expected for the price you paid. If your answer is “yes,” and you are happy with other aspects of performance, re-signing will maintain your relationship with a great company.

For good value and competent state-of-the-art commercial cleaning services, contact Bearcom Building Services for an evaluation and one of our commercial floor cleaning quotes.