At BearCom, When Our Clients Speak We Listen, We Act, Then We Track

At BearCom, our Customers are our number one priority. We guarantee their complete and full satisfaction. So whenever we communicate with our clients, we listen. We want to know and understand our clients needs, desires and expectations. We have provided our clients with various ways of communicating with us. We regularly visit our clients to inspect their facilities as well as communicate with the client to find out how they feel about our services. Our clients can also call our main number 801-569-9500 and talk with one of our courteous representatives. We also check email constantly to respond to clients messages. CleanTelligent is another form of communication where our clients can go online and submit us a message. No matter which form of communication our clients use, we will act quickly to resolve any issue and to complete any request.

Any issues our clients may have are also tracked using CleanTelligent, similar to how we would track a deficiency found during an inspection. We then review and graphically analyze our performance regularly so that we my continually improve our level of service to all our clients. Since implementing CleanTelligent and using this system of communication, tracking and continually improving, we have improved our average inspection score by more than 5% points. Our current average inspection score is 98%. We have also improved our client retention by 300%, because we have measured our service, improved our service, and now our clients are happier than ever.