About the West Jordan Area

Located at the southwest end of the Valley and nearby to the gorgeous Jordan river, West Jordan to be a truly stunning location. It’s the ultimate collision of a picturesque wild wonderland and a sprawling urban playground.

West Jordan is the fourth most populated city in the state is a rapidly growing suburb. Indeed, in 2010, the population had reached a tremendous 103,000. Home to the largest man-made excavation mine in the world, the city is named after the Jordan River that flows close to it. The city also holds the second Salt Lake Airport, commonly used for the Utah Army National Guard while developments continue to expand the city limits.

The local government have been working hard to combat the issues with a growing city including new transport routes. In 212, the first stage of a planned ten lane freeway with three exits in the city was completed

In terms of industry, West Jordan has a wide range of mixed-use planned developments. Since 2012, there have been four large retail centers, ideal for companies thinking about setting up shop. The centers also provide fantastic opportunities for local dining, shopping and entertainment experiences. One of the retail centers, Jordan Landing, is one of the greatest mixed-use planned developments throughout the intermountain west. A variety of big brands already have homes here including, SME Steel, Cyprus Credit Union and Lynco Sales & Service. Today, there are over 3000 businesses in the City of West Jordan. This includes both SMEs and international companies with city officials welcoming and supporting more entrepreneurs each year.

Of course, the area is popular with tourists as well. The nearby Oquirrh Mountains are hotspots for skiing throughout the winter season. In the summer they are also provide great opportunities for hiking and other outdoor sports such as river rafting.

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