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About BearCom

BearCom provides janitorial services to Salt Lake City with a guarantee that we will ensure that our services will be completed on time – or we’ll offer you a complimentary cleaning service. We are proud of what we have achieved thus far, including our award-winning, comprehensive quality control and janitorial software solution.

This solution provides inspection, communication and reporting tools and it’s had a huge impact on our business. We can streamline our day to day operations and improve our services with our CleanTelligent system.

BearCom are all about the benefits and here are some of those that you can look forward to when you have a contract with BearCom:
We are insured.
We offer routine inspections.
24/7 quality customer service.
Consistent cleaning with the best quality every time.
Professional care and rapid response.
Our staff are fully background checked and wear professional uniforms at all times.

When you want janitorial services Salt Lake City with a quick response, BearCom is where you should turn. We are proud of our ability to be effective and quick in our work, and we know you won’t be disappointed. BearCom has been in business for 49 years, so we know what we’re offering is that good – what are you waiting for?

About the Salt Lake City Area

Right on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains you’ll find the urban, eclectic city of Salt Lake. Home to a pioneering past, Salt Lake City is the gem of Utah, growing in population and diversifying culturally over the years in a big, big way. The local mountains are known for offering the ‘greatest snow on Earth’, and if skiing is your thing, that’s what you need to do here!

It’s not all about nature, though. Salt Lake City has so much more than that going for it. There is an urban heartbeat pulsing through the city that is a flipside to all those five national parks and the outdoor recreation. An exciting performing arts scene, award-winning dining and craft beers to die for are all on offer in Salt Lake City. It’s also a place that is becoming more forward-thinking and accepting in the people who live here.

Salt Lake City may get an abundance of snow through the winter, but we have four beautiful seasons here and we get the best of each. Soft, powdery snow and a dry-warm summer that is easy for visitors to handle. So, whether you’re heading here to hit the mountains and carve out some serious tread in the snow, or you want to chill out and sample the fine dining on our gastronomic scene, there is going to be something for you here.

Salt Lake City has the ability to surprise you, and whatever you’ve expected of the city before you arrive, you’re going to leave planning your next trip here. Our famous ski resorts are situated less than an hour from the airport, and we have some of the best scenery in the world. Why not plan your visit today?


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