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About BearCom Janitorial Services

Your customer, colleagues and community members deserve to be impressed when they visit your business premises, and with BearCom, this is what you get. It’s important that people see you as a responsible business owner and a part of that is having a clean, organised professional space that people want to spend time in. You need professional, commercial cleaning services that will always come in on budget while meeting your high expectations.

There is so much more to a clean business space than it looking uniform. It makes your staff work more productively, drives up your sales and boosts how confident you can feel about your business. Allowing BearCom janitorial services Midvale to take the cleaning of your premises off your plate can leave you feeling secure that you have selected the best possible service in Utah for your business.

Our inspection score sits at 98% and we have over forty years of satisfying customers under our belts. The exceptional job that we do won’t just impress you, it’ll impress all those who visit your business. Our green approach to our cleaning process allows us to create a personalized plan just for your business needs.

About Midvale

Midvale is the place you want to be in Utah when you want access to all of the Wasatch mountain resorts. You can spend more time swooping down the slopes and less time travelling to them in Midvale, allowing you a balance of time to shop, dine and enjoy the local entertainment, too. Midvale is the definition of a great location and within it, we have unrivalled access to all transportation networks to the Wasatch Mountains. Midvale is also one of eight neighborhoods that run as part of the Ski City campaign, so when you want to chase that adrenaline rush, you can take the direct bus and get your Ski City Super Pass.

Midvale is chock-full of historical sights and and exciting attractions. It’s not all mountains and skiing, not when there is art to view, culture to experience, gastronomical dining, exciting nightlife and a ton of shopping to enjoy. The whole town is full of character and the maelstrom of visitors that come by just make it what it is. The choices of things to do in Midvale are expanding massively, with ski resorts offering more and golfing venues offering everything from day golf to a place where you can hit the balls through the night.

This welcoming city won’t disappoint its visitors, with Clark Planetarium, cafes and The Gateway the must-sees of the city other than the ski resorts. Those interested in winter sports and getting on the fresh powder will love the pure access to the mountains here, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to go and enjoy the myriad of sports or you just want to sit and see the sun come up, there’s something here for everyone. Midvale welcomes everyone from everywhere, so get chatting to some of the other visitors and make friends for life.


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