Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Commercial Detail Cleaning Needs?

Concentrated woman scrubbing the bar in kitchen

Commercial detail cleaning can mean the difference between customers and staff loving your facility or secretly thinking it’s dirty. But what is detail cleaning and how can you identify your top priorities? Every business’ cleaning plan should include the fundamentals, from washing the floors and cleaning the rugs to disinfecting common areas and taking out the trash. But for many businesses, this level of attention isn’t enough to accomplish the sterile, sparkling, and professional environment that you want to achieve. If you feel that you’re current cleaning plan is leaving some opportunities for a spotless facility on the table, here’s a look at the three most common areas that janitorial firms overlook.
Bathrooms are a key area of concern for businesses. For health and cleanliness reasons, it’s essential that they be cleaned regularly. According to one study, customers who feel that a business has a dirty bathroom loses customers – ranging from almost 80% for restaurants to a staggering 45% for gas stations (and who knew the public had demanding standards for gas station bathrooms?). Evaluate whether your current cleaning schedule is keeping bathrooms at their freshest at all times. An end of day visit may not be enough. Do you have strategies in place to prevent overflowing trash bins, shortages of crucial supplies, and more? If not, paying closer attention to the details of keeping your restrooms clean could improve your business’ bottom line.
Hallways and transit areas
Think about the spaces in your office that everyone passes through but potentially doesn’t spend much time. These could include hallways, small conference areas, storage spaces, and filing rooms. It’s tempting to reduce the attention paid to these areas. Certainly, they’re not as visible as your front waiting area, the sales floor, or the executive conference space. But it’s important to remember that it takes just one negative experience – such as a grungy hallway – to turn off clients or staff and leave them wondering at the cleanliness of your broader facility. Identify these areas and make sure that your cleaning company is attending to them regularly.
Hidden surfaces:
Does your cleaning plan make time for cleaning “hidden surfaces” and areas that you don’t think people will often touch or see? Examples of this could be behind the refrigerator in your office kitchen, beneath a rolling a filing cabinet, or along the top of your window sashes. Whether furniture gets moved and there’s dirt underneath or a finger inadvertently brushes against something and comes away dusty, the smallest surface can reveal an inattention to detail. It’s important to develop a schedule for regular deep cleanings that get to the hard to reach areas of your office.
Are you a business owner in Utah that wants your customers to know that you pay attention to the smallest details of their experience? Contact us at BearCom today to learn more about a cleaning service that takes every aspect of your facility’s maintenance – including commercial detail cleaning – very seriously.