3 Tips on Commercial Cleaning For Your 2015 Utah Event Planning


Do you have major event planning underway? If so, commercial cleaning should be a significant component of your plans. Now that the New Year has arrived, companies are planning a wide range of events from sales meetings to client and industry conferences. One area that’s frequently overlooked is how your commercial cleaning service can provide critical support before, during and after conferences. Here is a closer look at how to collaborate with your Utah janitorial services company to ensure your 2015 event is a major success.

Pre-event planning

Pre-event planning can be a stressful time. From determining how to handle the facility to lining up the appropriate speakers, your team has a lot to do. An experienced cleaning company can help with important parts of the planning process. For example, will you need to have special supplies on hand during the event? Consider simple touches like adequate amounts of hand soap, toilet paper, and cleaning products. Work with your cleaning company to make sure that all your preparations are made well in advance of the event.

During event support

During the actual conference, your team will have a significant amount of coordination and work to handle. Work with your commercial cleaning company to provide the necessary support to keep your facility looking great and operating smoothly. Onsite cleaning support staff can assist with the cleanup of meeting areas, lunch areas, and ongoing monitoring of bathrooms. The condition of an event location has a big impact on the attendee experience. Work with your janitorial service company to act as an additional set of eyes, making sure that the aesthetics and cleanliness of your event are perfect.

Post-event cleanup

It’s during the post-event cleanup process that your janitorial staff will shine. Cleaning up after an event requires a significant amount of effort. Trash must be cleared. Facilities must be fully cleaned and disinfected, after a large crowd has been in attendance. Often, there’s a significant amount of paper materials that go unused and needs to be recycled. In addition, you may require assistance with processes such as dissembling tables or displays; boxing up marketing items; and porting things between locations. With a bit of advanced planning, you can develop a checklist and timeline to put your cleaning company to work helping to ensure that the breakdown process is a stress-free one.

Conferences and other events are important to your business’ growth and development. But managing the logistics can be a challenge. Contact BearCom Services today to discuss how our experienced commercial cleaning team can support you during the year’s busiest events.