3 Tips for Working More Effectively with Night Cleaning Crews

Women at workplace, professional female cleaner washing floor in

Are you a Utah business that has hired a night cleaning crew to take care of your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs? When a cleaning crew is onsite after hours, it’s to ensure that your staff and clients aren’t disturbed by dusting, disinfecting, and vacuuming. But having janitorial staff onsite during off hours also runs the risk of employees being upset that cleaning wasn’t done to their satisfaction or that items on their desks were moved. Here is a list of best practices your business can use to make the most of your night cleaning crew.

1. Appoint an employee to toss trash in common areas

Trash removal keeps areas looking tidy and reduces the smells associated with food preparation. While a cleaning crew will empty the trash and may remove obvious items on counters or tables, most businesses do not want items left by employees disturbed overnight. Food left in the refrigerator for too long or items stored on a countertop may not be obvious. Appoint an employee, such as a front desk manager or office staffer, to make a quick patrol of common areas at the end of each day. Items that are trash can be tossed into cans or easily labeled for removal, ensuring that these items are taken off the premises.

2. Establish desk etiquette

Dusting around piles of paperwork is a challenge for even the best trained cleaners. Cleaners are cognizant of the fact that most employees don’t want their desks disturbed. As a result, desks aren’t cleaned or disinfected to the highest levels if there is too much clutter laying around. Teach your staff basic desk etiquette. If possible, remove items from the desk at the end of the day. Store paperwork in bins, drawers, or folders. Move personal items to a shelf or basket. If a desk shouldn’t be cleaned on a given night for any reason, simply leave a simple note to that effect.

3. Communicate with management

Did something happen during the day that requires special attention from your night cleaning crew? Whether it’s a spill that happened or an employee diagnosed with the flu that’s precipitating a full office disinfection, don’t leave these items to chance. Call your cleaning company management or send an email and alert them to the situation. By advising the company of what you need, you’ll ensure that no item gets overlooked and everything is cleaned to your satisfaction even if you’re not onsite to personally oversee it.

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