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New Year, New Office: New Years Resolutions For Your Office For a Better 2018


As this year comes to an end, many people start to reflect on how the year transpired and what the next year might bring. It is natural to want to improve the previous year, especially when it comes to business.  A better year ahead means happy employees, customers, and shareholders.


Why Set Resolutions?


Some people hate the notion of setting resolutions, but did you know that there is a scientific explanation of why we tend to make them? Scientific studies show that our brains are wired to make goals. It actually sets us apart from many animal species. Thanks to the executive function of our brain,  a cluster of cognitive abilities that evolved to enable us to set and achieve goals. This brain function is what sets us apart from all other living things. Most other creatures react based on instinct; we take action based on planning.  Working with this instinct is why we like to set New Year’s resolutions.


Setting Office Resolutions


When it comes to setting resolutions for your office, we have put together some ideas that might help get your list started. We suggest discussing these with a fun office meeting where you can put the final touches on your 2018 office resolutions together!


  1. Give Back More To Your Community
    • Giving back is a great place to start when making your resolution list. This not only helps your local community where your employees work and live but also provides networking and marketing opportunities as well as tax benefits. A win-win for everyone!
  2. Look to New Technology
    • With AI and VR becoming huge players in how businesses will be run in the next decade, make sure you don’t fall behind in the tech world. Customer communication and time management are just a few of the ways new technology can help you in 2018.
  3. Clean Up The Office
    • If your office has been looking a little run down or unkempt, this can have an effect on morale and productivity. A quick call to your local commercial cleaning company can get you back on track.
  4. Get Social
    • If you haven’t realized it yet, social media is part of everyday life now. Increasing your use of it can get you more brand awareness in addition to boosting your sales.
  5. Make Work-Life Balance Important
    • Happy employees are productive employees. Small investments can make a big difference in the morals of your workforce. Allowing for people to work virtually for example when their children are home sick can help keep productivity up and keep good employees giving you their best efforts. Having more leisure activities with the office to blow off steam and to bond can also provide a healthy and happy workforce.


We hope you liked these suggestions. For more business tips find us on Facebook and let us know what you think in the comments.