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June 2015

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BearCom Offers Month-to-Month Janitorial Services Contract

BearCom offers our clients a month-to-month janitorial services contract. We can offer you this because we are very confident you are going to love our service and stay with us. Even though we have a month-to-month contract, our price is guaranteed for a year. We even have prices with customers that have stayed the same for the past 10 years!

Why would you ever want to sign a year contract with one of our competitors, who make it very difficult to get out of the cleaning service contract even if they are doing a bad job cleaning? Switch to BearCom, the best janitorial company in Utah, where we earn your business with every cleaning we perform. To find out more about our janitorial cleaning service and to get a free estimate, call us at 801-569-9500 or click here and fill out the form

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Green Cleaning Services is More Than Green Chemicals

Green cleaning services is an exciting and popular trend in the cleaning industry. Green cleaning has been extremely popular in the Eastern United States for some time now, with many cities and states adopting green cleaning standards and regulations.

Like many trends that start in the east, it takes time for those trends to make their way out west. But make no mistake, green cleaning services is growing in popularity here in Utah. We have seen a considerable increase in the number of clients and potential clients requesting the use of green cleaning in their facilities. However, most clients understand green cleaning to be simply the use of green chemicals in their facilities; but green cleaning is so much more than that.

Here at BearCom, the best janitorial company in Utah, we also consider how our cleaning processes, cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, and client consumables may affect the environment and we have made adjustments in ALL of these areas to develop an approach to cleaning that is more environmentally responsible and that contributes to a greener and healthier work environment for our clients. And this environmentally friendly approach we use to service Salt Lake City and surrounding areas spans across all of our services, including green carpet cleaning.

If you are interested in learning more about our green cleaning methods, and if you would like to receive a free estimate for the commerical cleaning of your facility, call BearCom at 801-569-9500 or follow this link

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BearCom Assures Consistent Quality Through Inspections

BearCom visits all of our intelligent clients on a regular basis to perform inspections of building janitorial services. These random, unannounced inspections provide us with the best view of our janitorial cleaning services on any given day. We do not use a generic inspection template. Our inspections are customized to your facility and your contracted services, assuring that we are fulfilling our contractual obligations. We use CleanTelligent, our online customer service program, to perform our inspections.

Once an inspection is complete our amazing clients are immediately notified by email that the inspection was completed and links are provided to see the results. On a regular basis, we use the inspection results to graphically analyze our performance and to discover how we can better serve our great clients. Bearcom’s building janitorial services are committed to serving our clients with the highest quality of service as possible and these inspections are vital in helping us do so.  As an intelligent consumer, I encourage you to find out more about our commercial cleaning services and to get a free estimate by calling us at 801-569-9500, or by clicking on our Free Estimate link here

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Six Benefits of BearCom’s Janitorial Services

We, directly and through our franchise owners, provide 6 benefits of janitorial services to our clients, namely:

  1. A Healthy Working Environment.
    Cleaning for health first has several benefits. First, as our workers clean, they are killing harmful bacteria that can infect them and others that come in contact with the bacteria. Secondly, it is bacteria that create foul odors if not treated properly.
  2. A Consistently Clean Office Appearance.
    Using the specialist approach, or “team cleaning”, tasks are assigned for each specialist on a job card. Cleaning specialists know when, where, and how they are going to perform each duty listed on the job card. This approach allows the supervisor to monitor the work of each specialist more effectively. The result is a consistently clean office appearance in your building!
  3. Responsive Online Communication (24/7).
    Our responsive online communication called CleanTelligent is available so that clients can submit online requests and receive a quick response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Strong Security Measures.
    All of our franchises and their employees are trained and held accountable to upholding strong security measures that are required in the industry. Uniforms, badges, and background checks are enforced. We are bonded and insured for the protection of our clients.
  5. Certified Cleaning Specialists.
    All BearCom franchises and employees are treated with respect and dignity. In addition to using state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals, we endeavor to create pride in our franchises and employees. We do this by training them to be specialists with particular cleaning techniques. Pride results in extra effort, and the building is cleaned properly each night.
  6. Beyond Compliance Safety (OSHA).
    Our safety program is called “Beyond Compliance.” We believe that it is everyone’s best interest to go the extra step in complying with health and safety regulations. We are proud to train our franchises and employees in health and safety to minimize the potential for injury and regulatory non-compliance.

Start benefiting from BearCom’s commerical cleaning services today! With janitorial services available in Salt Lake City and many surrounding areas we are sure to be able to meet your cleaning needs. Take the first step. Contact us at 801-569-9500 or click on the free estimate link and submit your request for a free estimate of our janitorial services in Salt Lake City.

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BearCom’s Job Cards Improve Cleaning & Consistency

BearCom’s Job Cards keep the cleaning schedule, client concerns, and cleaning tasks in front of each individual Cleaning Specialist throughout their entire shift. Job Cards help each Specialist know their responsibilities so they can provide you with the cleaning you expect.

In the case of absenteeism, job cards also help to get a new cleaning specialist up and running at a new facility because all of the specialist’s responsibilities are clearly spelled out for them to follow. BearCom’s Job Cards are yet another effective tool on our cleaning arsenal to provide our amazing clients with the most consistent and quality cleaning services they deserve and expect.

To receive a free estimate for providing you with these great benefits, call us at 801-569-9500 or follow this link and submit your request for a free estimate

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BearCom Excels in One-Time Cleanings

Are you looking for professionals in the cleaning industry who know how to do any janitorial related cleaning? BearCom performs one-time cleanings like commercial floor cleaning, stripping and waxing, buffing, scrub and recoat, window cleaning, pressure washing, tile and grout cleaning, detail cleaning, etc. We guarantee your satisfaction. Our new, low-prices and excellent quality will make you look like a genius in front of your boss.

BearCom Building Services is one of the premier office building cleaning companies in the state of Utah and are committed to serving your business. To get a free estimate on the job you want done, give us a call at 801-569-9500 or contact us through the web

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BearCom’s Specialist Approach Improves Cleaning Quality & Consistency

BearCom uses a specialist approach, which is an expanded version of “team cleaning”. The system develops cleaners who concentrate on doing a few tasks well. The term “expanded” is used because we have developed and implemented checking techniques in our system that assure restrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, trash is not missed, and vacuuming is thorough and regular. The end result is that our clients receive more consistent, high-quality cleaning services at their facilities.

Are you not a BearCom client? Start receiving these same benefits by calling us at 801-569-9500, or contact us through the web by filling out the form at this link We will prepare a free estimate for the commercial cleaning services of your facility, and we will show you why BearCom is the best janitorial company in Utah.

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Our Clients Are Covered with BearCom’s Inusrance & Bond

For your protection, BearCom carries liability insurance, janitorial service bond and worker’s compensation. Certificates of Insurance are available to our clients at any time upon request. Our insurance meets or exceeds the industry standard to assure complete protection of our client’s and their facilities. BearCom carries $2,000,000+ General Liability Insurance, $50,000 Janitorial Service Bond, and $1,000,000 Worker’s Compensation. We can also meet higher requirements if required by our clients.

To receive a free estimate and for more information about these great benefits and others, call us at 801-569-9500 or follow this link and submit your request for a free estimate

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Announcement: BearCom Now Offers Green Carpet Cleaning

We are excited to announce that BearCom now offers Green Carpet Cleaning as an addition to our business janitorial services. We have always had an excellent carpet cleaning system that has left the carpet clean, beautiful, and dry in minutes. Now, we have developed a carpet cleaning system that complies with Green Standards, while cleaning even better than before and it still dries in minutes.

In addition to offering green cleaning services, now you can receive our Green Carpet Cleaning for less than our regular carpet cleaning prices. To receive a free estimate, call BearCom Building Services, Inc., the best janitorial company in Utah, at 801-569-9500 or click on the following link

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BearCom – Bearing Cleaning Services Since 1971

Dennis and Jill Jenkins started their first cleaning company in Billings, Montana in 1971. They decided to start cleaning buildings after being frustrated with the low quality of cleaning in their workplace. Since then, they have built their business by providing high quality cleaning services through honesty, integrity, ingenuity, hard working people, and sound business practices. Since 1971, Dennis and Jill, along with their son Joseph, have established successful commercial cleaning businesses in Billings Montana, Kansas City Missouri, and Salt Lake City Utah.

In 1994 we began janitorial services in Salt Lake City. BearCom currently has over 240 clients along the Wasatch front.  BearCom is committed in our goal to providing excellent office cleaning services to the Salt Lake City area. Our clients range from office buildings, government facilities, medical facilities, productions facilities, auto dealerships, and more. BearCom Buildings Services has enjoyed tremendous success.  The company has grown to become the 4th largest Commercial Cleaning Company in Utah.

The reason for our success is simple – professional service! We are committed to providing a level of service and professionalism that exceeds expectation. To discover how our years of experience and professionalism can help you with your cleaning needs, and to receive a free estimate on the cleaning of your facility, call us at 801-569-9500 or click on the following link