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Sometimes a One-Time Cleaning Is All That’s Needed

One Time Cleaning

It’s hard to commit. That’s why one-time cleaning is such a great option. Often consumers are leery of reaching out to exterminators, lawn services or janitorial companies because they believe they’ll be subjected to a hard sell to sign on to regular service — not an unfounded fear. But as much as you would like someone to clean for you and take care of your yard each week, that might not be in your budget. A one-time cleaning service from a first-rate Utah janitorial company is all you might be looking for.

Deeper Cleaning

Maybe your office staff is really good at cleaning up after themselves, throwing away their own trash, washing out the microwave and coffee pot themselves — heck, they’ll even vacuum from time to time if you ask. A great team like that is a huge bonus to a company, but your nooks and crannies are still going to need cleaning from time to time. Employees may be responsible for cleaning their own keyboards and computer screens and keeping dust and crumbs to a minimum at their desks or cubicles, but a thorough wipe-down and a vacuuming in all the corners is necessary every so often to keep contaminants and the health hazards they can impose to a minimum.

Big Jobs

If you already have a cleaning crew, you’re a step ahead of the game. Normally when a business has its own cleaning crew, it uses them for any special big cleaning jobs that need doing. But many offices don’t use a crew or established business, they instead opt for one or two people they know and trust to do the job. This can work out well for all parties, but when you need a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning, your floors stripped and waxed, your carpets cleaned, your windows washed, or a host of other potentially big jobs, you need a crew with professional experience — and insurance. Cleaning personnel can’t do much harm dusting, emptying trash cans and loading the dishwasher, but some jobs have more potential for liability. If carpets or floors are damaged, you could be looking at a big expense if you have hired an uninsured individual to do the work. Hire a commercial floor cleaning company to do the work.

Cleaning for a Company

Every so often, the big boss comes into town to see how the little folks are doing. This is the time you want everything to look nice. But you and your employees don’t have time to do the work yourselves — after all, you’re working! And corporate headquarters expects profits, so using your employees’ valuable time to get those stains out of the sink with a green scrubby might not be the best managerial choice to make. When you need to impress a visitor, get a one-time cleaning.

BearCom of Salt Lake City provides thorough commercial cleaning services on a one-time or ongoing basis. If you need a one-time helping hand getting your office sparkling clean and in tip-top shape, call BearCom. your trusted Utah janitorial company.


Medical Office Cleaning Services

Medical Office Cleaning

Medical office cleaning and general office cleaning are very different.Medical offices aren’t just dusty and full of crumbs and coffee rings on desks — they are contaminated with contagious germs which, if not properly eradicated, can spread to other patients and staff. Do not trust the cleaning of your medical office to just any commercial cleaning company — confirm that the one you hire has experience and certification in medical facility cleaning.

BearCom properly cleans medical offices using proper care and equipment. For a free quote, fill out the form to the right.

BearCom’s Medical Office Cleaning Methods

Dispose of Trash Carefully

Proper handling of waste in a medical office setting is crucial. Most doctor’s offices and medical facilities have special containers for disposal of sharps such as used needles so that the contaminated material can go in but is not able to spill out. Regardless, certain safety procedures must be followed with trash disposal, and that includes cleaners not packing or pushing down the trash with their hands. This prevents not only an accidental needle stick from an improperly disposed of sharp object, but also avoids the spread of contamination that can happen when hands go between trash and furniture surfaces. Wearing gloves at all times and disposing of trash without coming into contact with it helps prevent the spread of disease.

Use the Right Products

Using the right cleaning products is also a critical aspect of our medical office cleaning services. Specific chemicals must be used to ensure a germ-free environment. You can wipe down your kitchen counters with Formula 409 or clean your bathroom with Soft Scrub and get a satisfactory result, but the workstations and exam rooms in medical facilities have to be properly disinfected.

Personnel who clean medical offices should undergo special training in infection control, safety and security, and quality assurance. When seeking a cleaning company for your medical office, ask if their employees undergo any specific training, and ask to see any certifications they or the company might have that can attest to their level of expertise. Ask them if they have any accreditations from national agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Correct Equipment

In addition, cleaning personnel in a medical office setting should use special protective equipment including gloves, masks and gowns when necessary. They must be properly educated in how to follow disinfectant protocols so that each day your facility opens its doors, you are starting out with a clean slate and no risk of cross-contamination is present.

BearCom provides thorough, safe cleaning of medical offices in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Their employees undergo extensive training in how to safely and completely disinfect surfaces, keeping your environment protected and free of pathogens. Call them today if you need reliable, thorough medical facility cleaning services for your Utah medical office.


Day Porting Janitorial Services Keep Grime at Bay

Can your messes wait until the sun sets? If not, day porting janitorial services might be what your facility needs. Many offices and facilities employ janitorial services to come in at night and empty trash cans, vacuum, mop, dust and perhaps clean the kitchen. If you have a small, tidy office staff, this might work for you, but the more people, the bigger the messes, especially if you have customers in and out of your facility all day long.Day Porting

Where You Have Kids, You Have Messes

One type of facility that is most in need of day porting services is any that serves children. Kids are naturally messier than many adults, and their propensity to spread germs and put everything in their mouths makes for a sticky, bacteria-laden environment. This is one reason schools employ full-time janitors. Other facilities that also greatly benefit from day porting include day care centers, indoor play spaces, pediatric doctor and dentist offices, and any other kid-focused business. Floors need to be swept of crumbs and dirt as well as mopped, and counters, doorjambs and any surface less than three feet from the floor need to be wiped with an antibacterial agent. Like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, as soon as you get to the end, you have to start again. This is a never-ending job, so you must have someone on it at all times.

More People, More Dirt

Larger facilities like retail outlets that attract a lot of foot traffic are also often in need of day-porting services. Shoppers can drop items that break or spill, and messes like this need immediate attention, not just so your store looks clean, but to avoid any slip-and-fall accidents and the resulting liability claims. Even if you operate a clothing store or other dry-goods-type business, customers can bring items in with them that leave a mess. Many people today are rarely seen without a cup of coffee or a Big Gulp at the end of their arm, and toddlers in strollers can leave a trail of destruction behind them that includes cereal, crackers, sticky red juice and more.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Day porters at a retail facility often have to do double-duty cleaning up after the employees as well. Even tidy employees generate trash and dirty dishes in the break room, and locker rooms need to be swept and cleaned as well.

Clean bathrooms are important not just for aesthetic reasons, but as a good business practice as well. Your public restrooms are only as clean as the people who use them, so they generally need frequent touch-ups. It’s critical to have all your restrooms — public and employee — stocked with plenty of toilet paper, soap and towels at all times. No one wants to be caught without one of these items. Frequent emptying of the trash is necessary as well, so avoid dirty towels spilling onto the floor.

If your daytime cleaning needs are exceeding what you and your employees can reasonably handle, call BearCom Building Services for daily business cleaning services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. They can provide you with a friendly, hard-working commercial floor cleaner and other janitorial services to keep your building in tip-top shape all day long.


Welcome to BearCom’s New Website & Blog

We are excited to announce the arrival of BearCom’s new website and blog. We hope you will find the website more convenient, simple, and useful. We also hope you check out our blog on a regular basis where we will keep you updated on BearCom’s services, news, special offers, cleaning tips, and other helpful information.

If you are looking for janitorial services in the state of Utah, we encourage you to request a free estimate from us. We will show you why so many Utah businesses choose BearCom for their commercial cleaning needs.

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Save Money With BearCom

BearCom is the best value in Utah for cleaning, especially commercial floor cleaning. More than 75% of our clients (recently surveyed) say that they switched to us and have stayed with us because of our cleaning prices. Randy Abeyta, who is in charge of facilities at the Boys & Girls Club of South Valley (one of BearCom’s clients) recently told us, “BearCom saves us $6,000 every year.”

So whether it’s carpet, floor, day porting, or commercial window cleaning prices you are worried about, you can find out how much money BearCom can save you by requesting a free estimate for our commercial floor and building cleaning services.

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BearCom Improves Client Communication

We use an award-winning quality assurance and inspections program called CleanTelligent. Since we incorporated CleanTelligent into our commercial cleaning services, our client retention for Utah office cleaning has improved by 300%. One of the great features CleanTelligent offers is a communications portal for our clients. They can access the portal by simply clicking on a BearCom icon on their desktop. From inside the portal they can submit to us any kind of message, which we receive immediately. Our commitment to our clients is that we will respond to their messages within 5 minutes so they know we received their message and that we are taking care of their requests.

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BearCom’s Client Compliments Our Service

We frequently receive compliments from our clients for our janitorial services we offer in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. I will leave out the name of the customer (because we are waiting on approval), but they are in medical manufacturing. We recently started performing day-porting for their business when they let go their in-house day-porter. Their Senior Manager received the following compliment about our day-porter, “I don’t know who to tell but the lunch rooms and bathrooms have improved almost 100%! How sweet it is. Thank you to whoever is cleaning now…..many people have commented. Usually you just hear comments when things are bad…but I am hearing good comments. Thanks again from everyone.” Request a free quote from BearCom for Salt Lake City commercial cleaning today.

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Who Wants a Free Cleaning?

As you consider switching office cleaning companies for your facility, wouldn’t it be nice if you could try out their services before you buy? Now you can. We now offer potential clients who are looking for a janitorial proposal for their building a free cleaning in order to show them the quality of cleaning services we at BearCom provide. To request your FREE cleaning and FREE estimate, just follow this link Find out how BearCom, the best Salt Lake City commercial janitorial services available, can take care of your cleaning needs.

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BearCom’s President Often Quoted in Commercial Cleaning Publications

BearCom’s President, Joseph Jenkins, has now been interviewed and quoted in eight different articles for national commercial cleaning industry trade magazines. Links to each one of the articles can be found below. Joseph was also recently interviewed for another article set to come out in the following month for Contracting Profits Magazine.
Joseph grew up in the cleaning industry and has a passion for cleaning. He graduated with a business degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management, and has served as the President of BearCom Building Services, the best janitorial company in Utah, for almost 10 years. He attends industry tradeshows and seminars in order to keep up to date on the latest and most innovative cleaning equipment, chemicals, techniques and processes. To have Joseph or another representative from BearCom provide you with a free office cleaning services quote, please call us at 801-569-9500 or fill out the form on this page.

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BearCom Guarantees Commercial Cleaning Results

Our guarantee states, “BearCom guarantees a quick response, and that any issue will be resolved within one cleaning day. BearCom also guarantees to complete all contracted cleaning services on time. If BearCom falls short in providing these obligations, BearCom will provide a complimentary cleaning.” For guaranteed commercial cleaning results by one of the best commercial office cleaning companies in the state of Utah, contact BearCom by calling 801-569-9500, or click on the following link and submit our online free estimate request here: