Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Commercial Detail Cleaning Needs?

Nov, 20, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

Commercial detail cleaning can mean the difference between customers and staff loving your facility or secretly thinking it’s dirty. But what is detail cleaning and how can you identify your top priorities? Every business’ cleaning plan should include the fundamentals, from washing the floors and cleaning the rugs to disinfecting common areas and taking out …

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Your Holiday Office Cleaning Needs

Nov, 05, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

Your holiday office cleaning needs are probably not top of mind as the winter holiday season approaches. But they should be! Depending on your business model, this is one of the busiest times of year. According the National Retail Federation, estimated sales activities for the next two months are a staggering $616.9 billion. From high …

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3 Tips for Working More Effectively with Night Cleaning Crews

Oct, 21, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

Are you a Utah business that has hired a night cleaning crew to take care of your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs? When a cleaning crew is onsite after hours, it’s to ensure that your staff and clients aren’t disturbed by dusting, disinfecting, and vacuuming. But having janitorial staff onsite during off hours also runs …

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The 3 Advantages of Utah’s Top Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Oct, 07, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

Professional carpet cleaning is quickly becoming a core janitorial service for many businesses, as wall-to-wall carpeting is a popular flooring choice in many offices. Carpeting gives commercial environments a warmer, more welcoming feel and allows interior designers to create a finished look. Commercial carpets are also easy to maintain and comfortable for employees or clients …

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Fall Cleaning in Salt Lake City: Working With Your Cleaning Provider on Seasonal Cleaning

Sep, 23, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

Fall cleaning probably isn’t your top maintenance priority as the seasons shift. But you may not realize that seasonal cleaning is as important for businesses as whipping the heating system into shape. From major cleaning initiatives to a pre-cold and flu season supply stock up, here’s a closer look at some creative ways that the …

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Working with Your Commercial Cleaners for an Event

Sep, 09, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

When your company is hosting a large event onsite, it’s important to make sure that your office looks its best. Whether you’re prepping for a quarterly board meeting or are hosting a major customer conference, the cleanliness and organization of your entire facility will be scrutinized. As a result, it’s helpful to communicate your schedule …

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What You Need to Know About Restroom Cleaning

Aug, 27, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

The state of your office or store bathrooms is one of the areas that customers and employees consider carefully when rating the cleanliness of your business. One study, conducted by Harris Interactive, revealed that 50% of customers who feel a bathroom is dirty will tell other people and 3 in 10 customers would stop patronizing …

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How to Spot Subpar Janitorial Services

Aug, 12, 2014 Joseph blog post 1

As a best-in-class janitorial services provider in the greater Salt Lake City area, we frequently hear from prospective clients who are unhappy with the services being provided by other companies. A common question that small business owners often ask is how best to tell if you’re getting good service and results from your cleaning company. …

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Strategies for Keeping Your Lunchroom, Cafeteria, or Company Kitchen Clean

Jul, 15, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

One of the most important locations within any business is the area where your team eats and takes a break. Not only is that time and space highly valued and important to employees staying happy and energized throughout the day, kitchens and break rooms are also highly trafficked and need to be clean enough for …

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4 Tasks a Commercial Cleaning Firm Can Handle For Your Utah Company

Jul, 01, 2014 Joseph blog post 0

Many business owners are surprised to learn that a commercial cleaning company handles a wide variety of maintenance and cleaning tasks. As a result, hiring the right company can save you significant amounts of money by allowing you to consolidate different vendors into one comprehensive relationship. It also simplifies the management process, and lets you …

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